Mila Kunis

voiced Meg Griffin [Season 2+] in Family Guy

Name: Megan (Meg) Griffin
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Location: Quahog, Rhode Island
Status: Available
Old Flames: Kevin Swanson, Jeff, Jimmy Fallon, and Mayor Adam West.
Current Job: Student at James Woods High
Past Jobs: Interned for Diane Simmons at Channel 5 news, Became Neil Goldman's slave, was a famous pop star, a secretary for Mayor Adam West, worked at the pancake house, employee at the Quahog Mini Mart and a sex line operator.
Hobbies & Interests: Meg enjoys Bird Calling, and sometimes shows sign of Journalism.
Accomplishments: Joined a suicidal cult, quit playing herself on "The Real Live Griffins", became Neil Goldman's girlfriend, got a make over, became an international pop star, and hooked up with Jimmy Fallon.
Aspirations: Meg aspires to be one of the popular kids, and will do anything to be "in with the in crowd". She would also like to have a date for once on a Friday night.