Mila Kunis

voiced Meg Griffin [Season 2+] in Family Guy

Name: Megan (Meg) Griffin
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Location: Quahog, Rhode Island
Status: Available
Old Flames: Kevin Swanson, Jeff, Jimmy Fallon, and Mayor Adam West.
Current Job: Student at James Woods High
Past Jobs: Interned for Diane Simmons at Channel 5 news, Became Neil Goldman's slave, was a famous pop star, a secretary for Mayor Adam West, worked at the pancake house, employee at the Quahog Mini Mart and a sex line operator.
Hobbies & Interests: Meg enjoys Bird Calling, and sometimes shows sign of Journalism.
Accomplishments: Joined a suicidal cult, quit playing herself on "The Real Live Griffins", became Neil Goldman's girlfriend, got a make over, became an international pop star, and hooked up with Jimmy Fallon.
Aspirations: Meg aspires to be one of the popular kids, and will do anything to be "in with the in crowd". She would also like to have a date for once on a Friday night.
played Jackie Beulah Burkhart in That '70s Show

After leaving Hyde behind, Jackie has been trying to find her own groove. She now lives with Fez in his apartment. Her bratty lifestyle and aditude has faded away little by little over the years.