Rainn Wilson

played Dwight Schrute [Assistant to the Regional Manager] in The Office (US)

When the series begins, Dwight Schrute is a salesman at the Scranton branch of the paper-goods distribution company Dunder-Mifflin. He holds the title of "Assistant to the Regional Manager" but constantly refers to himself as "Assistant Regional Manager," attempting to elevate himself to second-in-command to Michael Scott. Dwight craves authority over others and relishes any minor task that Michael or any anyone else gives him. Though Dwight acts like a know-it-all, he is actually quite gullible and naive. For this reason, he is easily tricked and tormented by his desk-mate and fellow salesman Jim Halpert. Much to Dwight's displeasure, later in the series Jim is promoted to "Assistant Regional Manager," becoming second-in-command to the Regional Manager. Dwight's outlook on life seems to be more severe than that of his fellow employees and most people in general. Dwight's actions during crucial moments hint that he would like to imagine himself as a hero in an action movie. This idea is furthered by his idolism of fictitious, television heroes such as Hiro Nakamura and Jack Bauer. Despite lacking social skills and common sense, Dwight is Dunder-Mifflin's top salesman (having more sales than a computer). Additionally, despite his personal dislike of Jim Halpert, the two have been shown to be a very effective sales team. Dwight's ability as a salesman, though, has rarely commanded the respect of his peers or led to professional success.