Brent Spiner

played Lt. Cmdr. Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Data is an android. He was made by Dr. Noonian Soong, who made many androids, including Data's older brother, Lore, who is very unstable. Dr Crusher and Lt. Cmdr. Argyle, a Chief Engineer, helped put Lore together, which then they learned from Lore about that he was deactivated to begin with because the colonists were jealous, envious, and afraid of Lore, so Data was created later, with some differences. Data can't use contractions correctly, His skin is pale, and his eyes are yellow and he doesn't have human emotions. He carries the logs of the colonists of his home world. Sometimes he says and does things that are funny. There are many other androids, including Dr. Soong's wife, Julianna, who was injured when their home planet was destroyed. When she died, Dr. Soong built an android that looks just like her. She carries the memories of Julianna, and also got to meet Data. Data once had a daughter, but she was scared by an Admiral from Star Fleet Research, which caused her to break down. Data has backed up her memories, and has yet to attempt to repair her. Data was discovered 26 years ago at the time he visited his home planet . He was discovered by The Tripoli. During his Star Feet career, Data has won numerous awards. He is the card dealer when the officers play poker. Data has many capabilities, including imitating other people, getting things done very fast, performing multiple tasks at once, and has superior strength.