Ringo Starr

voiced Annie & Clarabel in Thomas & Friends

Annie and Clarabel are Thomas' faithful coaches. They may be old, and they occasionally twitter and chat behind Thomas' bunker, but Thomas likes them very much.

Annie & Clarabel were introduced in "Thomas & The Breakdown Train".
voiced Bertie in Thomas & Friends

Bertie is a competitive, friendly bus. When we first met him, he competed against Thomas in a friendly race. Occasionally, he'll want another race with Thomas, or sometimes he has to chase after engines as well.

Bertie was introduced in "Thomas & Bertie".
voiced Bill & Ben in Thomas & Friends

Bill and Ben are twin tank engines. They love to cause mischief, but they always get their jobs done. You will rarely see Bill without Ben or Ben without Bill, for they know they work best together.

Bill and Ben were introduced in "Percy Takes The Plunge"
voiced Diesel in Thomas & Friends

This evil diesel was first brought as a visitor. He refused to listen to Duck, whcih led to him spreading lies about the engines and blaming Duck. The Fat Controller sent him away, though. But he's recently returned, and (occasionally) shows the others that he can be nice at times...

Diesel was introduced in "Pop Goes The Diesel".
voiced Donald & Douglas in Thomas & Friends

Donald and Douglas are Scottish twins. When they first arrived, only one could stays, especially with them causing some trouble. But in the end, they could both stay, and they are always really useful.

Donald and Douglas were introduced in "Brake Van"
voiced Edward in Thomas & Friends

Edward is a kind engine, but he's also one of the oldest engines on the Sodor Railway. The bigger engines often believe this makes him inferior, but Edward always proves himself in the end!

Edward was introduced in "Edward & Gordon".
voiced Gordon in Thomas & Friends

Gordon is a big Express engine and is very proud. Gordon is known to boast about how fast he is to the other engines, much to their dismay. He pulls the Express very fast, and now he's even setting records doing so!

Gordon was introduced in "Thomas & Gordon".
voiced Harold in Thomas & Friends

Harold the helicopter patrols the island up in the sky. When we first met him, Harold was boastful about being able to fly. But when Percy beat him in a race, he decided to make friends with the engines, which he's done ever since.

Harold was introduced in "Percy & Harold".
voiced Henry in Thomas & Friends

When Henry the Green Engine first arrived on Sodor, he was very ill. However, the Fat Controller had him rebuilt, so that he wouldn't need special coal. Somehow, his illness returned recently, but, as long as he has his special coal, he'll be fine.

Henry was introduced in "The Sad Story Of Henry".
voiced James in Thomas & Friends

James, for his splendid red coat, likes to boast about how smart he looks. This sometimes leads to some sort of accident! Still, he makes a great friend for any of the Sodor engines.

James was introduced in "Thomas & The Breakdown Train".
voiced Percy in Thomas & Friends

Percy is a small engine who is very eager to do something, but eventually gets himself into trouble when he is. When he hears a word or phrase he doesn't understand, he never hesitates to ask what it means.

Percy was introduced in "Trouble In The Shed".
voiced The Fat Controller in Thomas & Friends

The Fat Controller (also known as Sir Topham Hatt) is head of the Sodor Railway. Every morning, he comes to Tidmouth Sheds and gives the engines their jobs.

The Fat Controller was introduced in "The Sad Story Of Henry".
voiced Thomas in Thomas & Friends

Thomas the Tank Engine is a cheeky blue engine, or at least he was until he got in various predicaments for it! But then he rescued James, which earned him a branch line all to himself. Since then, he's always been a Really Useful Engine.

Thomas was introduced in "Thomas & Gordon".
voiced Toby in Thomas & Friends

Toby is an old steam tram. When the Fat Controller found Toby, his line was closing down. Luckily, he bought Toby and his coach, Henrietta, and now they have smart new paint and run happily together on the Sodor Railway.

Toby was introduced in "Toby & The Stout Gentleman".