Gary Cole

played Lucas Buck in American Gothic

Lucas Buck is the Sheriff of the small town of Trinity, South Carolina. He projects a veneer of affability and kindness, and seems to be beloved by the town's residents. However, Lucas isn't at all what he appears to be on the surface.

Buck rules Trinity with an iron fist, and is willing to do absolutely anything to maintain control. Nearly everyone in town owes him something, and he's never shy about collecting on those debts when it suits him. Lucas is a master manipulator, always operating several steps ahead of those who oppose him.

Sheriff Buck's exact nature is unclear. Some believe him to be a demon or even the devil himself, others think he's simply a man who made a bargain with dark forces in exchange for power.
played Captain Matthew Gideon in Crusade

Ensign Matthew Gideon was an up-and-coming officer in Earthforce when he went outside to repair his ship, Cerberus. the ship was attacked by a Shadow hybrid and Gideon was the only survivor. Trapped with only 30 minutes of oxygen, he was rescued by a passing technomage, Galen.

Earth hushed up the incident, claiming that the ship was destroyed in a jump engine explosion. for several years Gideon wandered, his story discredited. He eventually won an ancient artifact known as an Apocalypse Box in a game of poker, from an owner who was relieved to lose it.

Gideon later regained his reputation and rose to the position of captain of an exploratory vessel. He encountered more alien life forms than any other captain his age and was chosen to captain Excalibur to search for a cure to the Drakh plague.