Erik King

played Sonny Toussaint in Kindred: The Embraced

Sonny Toussaint was the partner of Detective Frank Kohanek on the series, Kindred:The Embraced. Unknown to Kohanek, Toussaint was also Kindred. He was sired by Kindred Prince Julian Luna and was a member of the Venture clan. It was Toussaint 's job to keep an eye on Frank and to make sure that he did not get too close to the truth about the Kindred.
  played Sergeant Doakes [S01-S02] in Dexter

Doakes is an ex-special forces Cop. He is serious about his job, but sometimes steps over the line to bring in the bad guy. He used to be close friends (or maybe more...) with his former partner, Lieutenant LaGuerta. Doakes is the only one in the Miami homicide force that gets a weird vibe from Dexter and suspects that he is hiding something. In the second season, Doakes finds out about Dexter and wants him to turn himself in. Although, Doakes gets captured by Dexter and is held prisoner for a while in a small house in a remote location. Doakes was killed in late season 2 by Lila, Dexter's AA sponsor.