Wendy Hoopes

voiced Helen Morgendorffer in Daria

Age: 47
Occupation: Lawyer
Hobbies: Working, attending business meetings, talking on the phone, power walking
First Appearance: "Esteemsters"

Helen, Daria's mother, has the tendency to put more work into her career as a powerful lawyer than in raising her two children, leaving her clueless about their lives, and her husband's life. However, Helen is there when her daughters need her the most, even though most of her attempts to be a good parent end up falling through.

Helen is strongly for women's rights and tends to not think too much of men in general. Her overpowering personality shows through in her dominance of her husband and the lead she takes when it comes to parenting.
voiced Jane Lane in Daria

Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Hobbies: Art (painting, sculpting, drawing, glue guns), "Sick, Sad World", running, sarcasm, dry wit
First Appearance: "Esteemsters"

Jane met Daria in a self esteem class and the two quickly became best friends.

Jane has the same cynical outlook on life as Daria, but as a budding artist, she also explores her emotional side. She pursues relationships with several guys, including Tom, Nathan, and Evan. Jane even crosses over the "other side" and becomes a member of the track team, despite Daria urging her not to.

She is close to her older brother Trent, who serves as her second best friend.
voiced Quinn Morgendorffer in Daria

Age: 15
Grade: Sophmore
Hobbies: The Fashion Club, dating, shopping, being cute, cute animals, popularity, parties
First Appearance: "Esteemsters"

Quinn, Daria's sister, centers her life around her good looks and pursuit of boys. Her self-centered attitude annoys Daria, leading Quinn to tell everyone at Lawndale High that they're cousins, not sisters.

At Lawndale High, Quinn a member of The Fashion Club, constantly pursued by Joey, Jamie and Jeffy (the three Js), as well as most of the male student population, and from day one has been one of the most popular girls in school.

Quinn is constantly squaring off against her arch-nemesis: Sandi, the Fashion Club president. They compete for the attention of boys and for popularity as well.

Though Quinn appears to be brain-less and ditzy, in several episodes it's suggested that she's intentionally dumbing herself down to mask her insecurity about being a "brain".