Kristen Bell

played Veronica Mars in Veronica Mars

Veronica is the 18 year old high school detective whose wit, creativity, humor, and determination make her very good at her job. Her personal life has had a few more bumps in the road.

During her junior year of high school, she managed to solve the mystery of her best friend's murder, which also exonerated her father (though he blamed Jake Kane for the murder, Veronica proved that Kane was partially responsible in the cover-up of events that followed). She also made friends such as Wallace and Mac, who help her with her investigations, and began retreading into the "09er" scene when Logan Echolls began dating her.

Veronica's senior year proved to be a bit more challenging when she narrowly escaped a horrific bus crash that killed many of her classmates---including her friend Meg. Feeling guilty about surviving, Veronica and her father both worked to solve the mystery of the rash, uncovering a few other skeletons in the process (the truth about Terrence Cook, Woody Goodman and his "coaching" activities, Meg and Duncan's baby). At her graduation, she discovered that the main mastermind behind most of the events surrounding her life was Cassidy Casablancas---a victim of Goodman's who had raped a drug-induced Veronica two years before.

Veronica has a strong relationship with her father, Keith, who also works as a private investigator after being ousted from the Sheriff's position in the wake of the Lilly Kane murder. She also has a skewed, usually cynical view of life in general, but is always ready to help her friends or those she finds deserving (or can pay her fees).