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Powers Boothe

played Cy Tolliver in Deadwood

Cy Tolliver’s character is based on the real-life Tom Miller, who was the owner of the Bella Union.

Cy operates the Bella Union Saloon, the biggest and classiest joint in Deadwood. Although he is Al Swearengen’s top competition, the two men do not hesitate to work together in situations that involve the safety, stability and over-all prosperity of the camp. His fondness for Joanie Stubbs causes trouble when she becomes a rival opperator in season two.
voiced Gorilla Grodd in Justice League Unlimited

History: Grodd is a would-be despot who tried to conquer Gorilla City with advanced mind control technology. Solovar, chief of security for Gorilla City, foiled his plans, but Grodd managed to escape and swore revenge against his fellow primates. Grodd enlisted Central City scientist Dr. Sarah Corwin, with whom he kept an e-mail relationship, and with her help he cloaked Central City in a similar shield that protects Gorilla City, preventing anything from getting in or out. Using his mind-control helmet, Grodd controlled the population of Central City and proclaimed himself their leader. He wanted to use Central City as a hidden base from where he would launch a nuclear assault against Gorilla City. While the Green Lantern and the League hurried to destroy the bombs, the Flash and Solovar went to stop Grodd. The Flash swiftly crossed some wires of Grodd’s mind-control helmet and tricked him into using it, causing it to short-circuit Grodd’s mind.

Grodd later rounded up a group of super-villains called the Secret Society, composed by Giganta, Killer Frost, the Parasite, Shade, Sinestro, and Clayface, and planned to confront the League. It is then revealed that the previous mind-control helmet incident had granted Grodd mental powers, which he used to affect the Leaguers’ moods, resulting in their imminent disband. Then, after Grodd had captured each Leaguer, he interrupted a football halftime show to kill them publicly. However, he was thwarted by J'onn, who was posing as Clayface. The two teams fought once again, and the Secret Society was ultimately defeated.

Finally, Grodd gathered together a new Secret Society — the Legion of Doom (although never being referred to by such name). Given that the Justice League expanded into a bigger organization, Grodd felt that super-villains also needed to band together in the same fashion as the League. The Legion was a co-operative organization, whose members would protect each other in case they crossed paths with the League. In exchange of the supplies and protection, Grodd took 25% of the gross of each scheme. He coerced Lex Luthor into joining the Legion by holding the last remnant of Brainiac as a bargaining chip. He used the Legion to retrieve various artifacts, such as the Spear of Longinus, a giant rock of Kryptonite and the Viking ship frozen in a glacier, although the latter two were foiled by the Justice League. Later Grodd stole the Heart of Nanga Parbat and used it to enact his master plan of turning every human on the planet into apes, which he managed to do momentarily until he League reverted the process. Given the absurdity of Grodd’s so called master plan, Luthor shot him and usurped his position as the Legion’s leader. Grodd was kept prisoner in the headquarters, because Luthor still needed him to reveal how to reconstitute Brainiac from his last fragment, and thus reclaiming the godlike power he gained when they melded together.

In the depth of space, Grodd was released by a scorned Tala, who wanted revenge against Luthor. Grodd led half of the Legion against the other half that supported Luthor and eventually got some taste of revenge when he kicked Luthor for a couple of rounds. However, when he attempted to use his mind-control powers, Luthor reverted the effects and forced Grodd to step into an airlock. Luthor opened the outer lock and sent Grodd into the emptiness of space but not before he promised to get out of that and get revenge.