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Betty White

played Catherine Piper [Ep. 12-16, 18-22, 30-31, 37, 48, 94, 99] in Boston Legal

Catherine Piper is a heavy Catholic who has known Alan Shore since he was a little kid. She started dating Bernard Ferrion after he was equitted of murder charges and she tried to steer him to God while a secretary at Crane, Poole, & Schmidt. After knowing he was still evil, she killed him. Now she's back trying to get attention by robbing convenience stores and other things. After the charges were dropped from the robbery charges, she was hired as the food cart person at Crane, Poole, & Schmidt. We later learn that Catherine was fired and has become rather lonely. She burns down her doctor's office and uses Carl Sack to help sue the television networks.
played Rose Nylund in The Golden Girls

Rose Nylund is the bubbly bleached blonde of the girls, who adds to the series quirky comedy with her zany, off-the-wall St. Olaf stories and generally blondeness. Rose never knows exactly what the right thing to do is, often relying on Blanche, Sophia or Dorothy, but to everyone's surprise, somewhere deep into Rose's mind, a bit of intelligence lies, as she sometimes manages to come up with the simpliest solutions to the most complex problems. Rose's heart is always in the right place, except when it comes to competition, which brings out the bad side of Rose. Without Rose, the girls would not have someone to laugh at, laugh with and someone to remind them of the goodness in their own hearts.
played Rose Nylund in The Golden Palace

Naive Rose Nylund continues in Golden Palace, but this time as "the strong one" of the Golden Girls. Rose is the naive business owner, quick to fall into traps of Blanche and Sophia, as usual, but this time, Rose is a little bit more sharp. One shouldn't worry though, Rose will still charm our hearts with St. Olaf stories!
played Elka Ostrovsky in Hot In Cleveland

Elka knows all there is to life because she has lived for so long. Her experiences have made her tough to be able to handle situations as they come rather than letting others take over her life. She comes off as rude to some people, but for the people who know her, it is only an act under the sweet woman she really is.