Thomas Cavanagh

played Ed Stevens in Ed

Ed is a man who loses everything, his high paying job and his wife. He moves back to his hometown of Stuckeyville.

He reunites with his best friend Mike Burton, and his wife Nancy. Ed also persues his long time high school crush, Carol Vessey.

Ed buys the local bowling alley, Stuckeybowl, and also runs his own law practice out of it.
played Tom Farrell in Love Monkey

Tom Farrell is the Head of A&R at True Vinyl Records. Check out his profile on Myspace found in the link section.
Age: 32; 6'1", Hometown: Newton M; Catholic; Degree in Music (minor in Philosophy) from Columbia University.
played Harrison Wells in The Flash

The CEO of S.T.A.R. Labs, Harrison used his money to create a state-of-the-art scientific research facility in Central City. He then sought out the brightest minds in the world and brought them to work with him.

However, when his pet project, a particle accelerator, blew up on its test run, Harrison was crippled and his reputation ruined. Now he seeks to redeem himself by helping Barry Allen deal with the metahumans who were created by the release of energy from the accelerator.

In fact, much of this is a lie. Harrison is not crippled although he pretends to be. And he either comes from the year 2024 or has knowledge of it, and knows that Barry was destined to become the Flash. What his true objectives are remain to be seen.