Jennifer Aniston

  played Rachel Green [S01-S10] in Friends

Rachel had ran away from her wedding, she arrived in the Central Perk coffeehouse, her highschool friend Monica Gellar and decided to let Rachel move in with her. Monica's brother Ross had a crush on Rachel ever since highschool, they soon got together and have an on-off relationship for a time after. One night Rachel and Ross got drunk and they slept together, Rachel got pregnant and later gave birth to a baby girl who she named Emma, Ross planned to propose to her but Joey ruined it when he found the ring, Rachel then thought Joey was proposing to her. Joey and Rachel once had a brief relationship but Ross was never really happy with it and they split up. Rachel was offered a job in Paris and decided to take, Ross didn'd want her to go but was to scared to say anything, at the the last minute when she was about to board the plane, Ross showed up and begged her not to go, she went anyway and when Ross thought she was gone forever, she showed up and they got back together.