Vic Mignogna

  voiced Edward Elric in FullMetal Alchemist (US)

Edward Elric, the elder of the two Elric brothers, is a gifted alchemical prodigy---not really a surprise, considering who his father is---and the youngest person to be accepted as a State Alchemist of the military. He was twelve when he passed his exams.

Ed's life has not been an easy one---his father, Hohenheim, left them behind one day when Ed was too small to really remember. His beloved mother, Trisha, suffered greatly over this desertion and, though Ed and his brother Al gave her great joy, he had to watch her succumb to illness when he was ten.

In an attempt to resurrect Trisha from the dead, Edward convinced his brother Alphonse to help him master the art of human transmutation. On the night they made the attempt, Ed was horrified to find that the endeavor had claimed the body of his younger brother and had taken his left leg as "payment", or "equivelant exchange" for the grotesque creature that was supposed to be his mother. Ed gave up his right arm for the ability to attach Alphonses' soul to a nearby suit of armor.

Fitted with auto-mail, he has joined the State Alchemists to be able to pursue the Philosopher's Stone---an alchemical object that will allow him to keep his promise and restore Alphonse to his body.

Ed is often quick-tempered, passionate, and extremely stubborn; he also flies into a rage when someone mentions that he's a bit short.

He does not wear the standard blue uniform of the military; rather, he dresses in black and often wears a red traveling coat with the insignia of the Flamel Snake on the back. His shoulder-length blonde hair is always plaited in a braid, and a few times people have told him how much he resembles his father, both in looks and in alchemical talent.