Kristin Lehman

played Corinna Wiles in Drive

Originally a stowaway on The Race, in the back of Alex Tully's pick-up truck, Corinna soon becomes an official Racer when Alex (in a feeble attempt to duck out of The Race) makes her his partner. Her interest in The Race does not lie with winning, however - merely in finding out the identities of The Sponsors.

When she was a little girl, Corinna was kidnapped by The Sponsors in an effort to coerce her parents into racing (a similar situation that Alex finds himself in). As her parents raced to the finish line, they were ran off the road and subsequently died in the crash - with Corinna watching on. Now, as an adult, Corinna is determined to find those she believes responsible for her parents' deaths - and get her revenge. Corinna believes her best bet for this is to team up with Alex, who has as much of a personal stake in getting to the finish line than her parents - and she hopes their common experiences will drive them to success.

Initially, Corinna dupes Alex into keeping her around by telling him that she has an ecrypted data key that holds information on The Race, it's finish line - and The Sponsors. When Alex discovers that is a lie, she tells him what is really on the device - information about the Racers. Corinna intends to use this information as leverage against the other Racers, in order to increase their chances of winning - and while Alex is initially skeptical, once he discovers her identity and why she cares so much about The Race, he is on board. The two pair up, and Corinna proves her worth by attempting to find Alex after he is taken away by the fake policeman (as part of The Sponsors' con), despite the possibility that they will end up in last place.

When they start the next leg, Corinna argues for not taking the "jump start" The Sponsors have offered them (a chance to skip ahead a checkpoint), knowing full well what The Sponsors generally ask of Racers in these situations. Unfortunately, Alex is all for it - and it is Corinna that comes up with the idea to involve the Salazar brothers, after they decide that they can't perform the task (rob a bank) by themselves.