Anne Hathaway

Anne's nickname is Annie.
Anne has two brothers.
Anne is a vegetarian.
Anne grew up in New Jersey.
Anne has the same birthday as Ryan Gosling.
Anne's dog is named Esmerelda.
Anne appeared in Brokeback Mountain(2005) alongside Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.
She was listed at #85 on FHM (US) Magazine's "100 Sexiest Women for 2006".
Shares the same name as William Shakespere's wife, Anne Hathaway.
Her first major motion picture role was in The Other Side of Heaven (2001).
She is a fan of Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland.
She appeared nude for the first time in the film Havoc (2001). It came as a surprise to many because she was known previously for her family-friendly films.
Anne credits her dog for landing the title role in Becoming Jane. On the night before her second audition, her dog ate a hotel slipper and got sick. She stayed up all night and only got an about an hour of sleep. On the next day, she went to audtion for the role, she feels tire and not in a happy mood, which seperated herself from her goody-goody image she's known for in her previous Disney movies.
Anne took accent lessons from Julie Walters and Maggie Smith to master her British accent for the title role in "Becoming Jane".
Anne learned how to play the song "Blackbird" on a guitar for her boyfriend's birthday.