Matt Czuchry

played Logan Huntzberger [Season 6 - , recurring previously] in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Logan Huntzberger is the son of the famous Mitchum Huntzberger, a wealthy newspaper mogul, and Shira Huntzberger, a well-known Hartford socialite. Dubbed “king of the sloths” by his friends, Logan is a renowned ladies man and is good at doing as little as possible to get through school. But behind the image and front that he puts up, Logan is a brilliant writer and is well-equipped to take over his father’s company in the near future, though that’s the last thing that Logan wants to do with his life.

Logan’s family ties have brought him a world of wealth and fortune, as well as a world of risk and stunts in the secret Life and Death Brigade. Through this secret society, Rory became closer to Logan while pursuing a story about the society, eventually leading them to get together. Rory wanted to have a serious relationship with him, but Logan didn’t want the same kind of commitment. This lasted only until Logan saw Rory around other guys and realized that Rory might be the girl that he would change his playboy ways for.

Though Logan fell in love with Rory, the Huntzberger family was less welcoming to Rory being a large part of Logan’s life. Despite Rory being from the well-known Gilmore clan, the Huntzbergers saw Rory as beneath Logan. After his father told Rory that she didn’t have what it took to be a journalist, together Logan and Rory stole a yacht, landing them in jail for a night and hours of community service.

Rory and Logan’s relationship hit a rough patch after Rory’s ex-boyfriend, Jess, returned to Hartford and was upset seeing Rory date the kind of guy that he and Rory used to make fun of when they were together. Hearing this caused Rory and Logan to have a big fight, leading Logan to think they had broken up. During their time apart, Logan was with other girls, a fact that nearly caused them to break-up during Logan’s sister’s wedding, but once Rory forgave him for being with the girls they moved in together and have become closer and closer ever since.

Currently, Logan has graduated from Yale and has moved to London for a year to work in one of his father’s companies.