Jared Padalecki

played Dean Forester [Seasons 2-4, recurring otherwise] in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Dean, the typical “boy next door”, came to Stars Hollow from Chicago and quickly fell for the quiet Rory just as she was about to leave Stars Hollow High for Chilton. At Rory’s 16th birthday party, Dean gave Rory a bracelet that he made for her and from that day on, Rory and Dean became a couple. In the beginning, they had the perfect relationship, complete with hand-holding and late-night calls. But their seemingly flawless relationship was ended when, on their three-month anniversary date, Dean told Rory that he loved her and she failed to reciprocate. Rory soon was able to work through her feelings and they got back together when Rory confessed her feelings for him. Just as their relationship had gotten back on track, another complication arose when Jess Mariano arrived in Stars Hollow and caught Rory’s eye. Dean, jealous of Rory’s obvious feelings for Jess, broke up with Rory at the Stars Hollow Annual Dance Marathon.

Dean rebounded with Lindsay Lister and after dating for a short while, Dean asked her to marry him despite his apparent feelings for Rory. After their marriage, Dean landed a job as a construction worker and continued working at Doose’s Market to earn enough money for the newlyweds to afford their own townhouse. In spite of Lindsay’s wishes, Dean continued to remain close to Rory, often talking to her over the phone, and once he realized that his marriage to Lindsay wasn’t working, he had an affair with Rory that ultimately led to divorce. After the bitter divorce, Rory and Dean tried once again to have a relationship, but when they realized that during their time apart their lives had taken two different paths, they broke it off and each went their separate ways.

Dean last appeared in season 5 and with Logan being a permanent fixture in Rory’s life, it is unlikely that he will return to Stars Hollow.
played Sam Winchester in Supernatural

Ever since Sam was young, he'd been exposed to the world of hunting and destroying paranormal creatures. After his mother's mysterious death, Sam's father became obsessed with finding the demon that killed his mother, and began finding creatures along the way. Sam soon became a skilled tracker and hunter of supernatural beings.

But Sam decided to leave his life of tracking and hunting to try to pursue a more "normal" life. He attended Stanford University on a full-ride scholarship, and graduated with honors. But right before an interview with a prestigious law school, Sam's older brother, Dean, reappeared in Sam's life to tell him that their father had gone missing.

After Sam discovered that his girlfriend had been killed by the same demon that his mother had been, Sam agreed to accompany Dean on a cross-country search for his father, and for the demon that killed his mother and girlfriend.

Now, Sam has returned to life he vowed to never live again in the hopes of seeking revenge on the death of his mother and girlfriend, and the possiblility of reuniting with his father.