Inti Oosterkamp

Mostly Credited As: Inti Oosterkamp
Birth Name: Inti Rosita Oosterkamp
Date Of Birth: August 30, 1972 (Age 43)
Country Of Birth: Netherlands
Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)

Inti Oosterkamp

Inti Rosita Oosterkamp (born August 30, 1972), better known as Inti Oosterkamp, is an international actress because of her four fluently speaking languages.
She gathered critical acclaim as "miss-privacy". Oosterkamp is very attached to her privacy and doesn't want to be totally in the spotlights. Although her career and studies aren't particularly sensitive to privacy, she values and appreciate much her private and modest life style. For her family, closes friends, but most of all for her children. "They have the right to grow up in a safe, stable, quiet and protected family-life"

Early life and family

Inti Oosterkamp was born in Huancayo, Peru, the biological daughter of Edmundo Izarra and Lucia Quilca, but from birth adopted by a Dutch couple of engineers, who by then worked as development workers in Peru. Hans Oosterkamp, Land & water management, and Rensje van Neck, International law & women studies in developing countries. Actress Oosterkamp has two older brothers, Jan-wijbe and Hugo, who also followed in the footsteps of their parents work. At this moment Oosterkamp is the only one of her family who recently moved back to the Netherlands, to stay there temporarily for work and some family quality time. Specially for her oldest son. "Grow abroad is good for your identity, confidence and self-esteem. Studying in the Netherlands is good for your discipline, independency and self-reliance." The other family members are still for work, living abroad. Not surprising, knowing that this family for many years, worked and lived all over the world. Until her 18th, actress Oosterkamp grew up in different countries with different languages and visited many different schools, each with classmates of different ethnic backgrounds and enviorment. "Yeah! and because of that, nobody understands me now...haha! The dutch fall for my latina behaviour and abroad they stumble on my Dutch thinking."

At the age of 17, she ran away from home, when living in Peru, and managed to fly all by herself without speaking a word of english, to join family life & love with her favourite aunt and uncle, who by then were living in California, USA, with their five kids. Oosterkamp has been long estranged from her parents Hans and Rensje. Several years ago she indicated that she no longer wished to persue a relationship with her parents, and said "My parents and I don't speak, for as long i can remember they were my parents. Haha... no, I don't hold any anger toward them. Why should I, they gave me a good pair of wings and my aunt & uncle the freedom to use them." She stated that she did not want to publicize her reasons for her estrangement from her parents. "after all, they still are my parents, you know. And because I haven't chosen them, it doesn't mean i don't have to respect them. On the contrary...!"

Personal life

Oosterkamp speaks four languages fluently, Dutch, English, Spanish and French. Apparently she has not only talent for acting but as well for languages. Recently she started to learn the German language, just in case her "mother-aunt", from Germany, by age forget the Dutch language. "Once, some one told me that from the age of 75 people start to forget everything they've learned in life, blazing fast! Except their mother language."
From her 17th Oosterkamp considered her favorite aunt & uncle as her parents. "They haven't adopted me as their daughter, I adopted them as my parents...haha!" Also they were the one's who introduced Oosterkamp into the Baptist-faith. During her visit to the Netherlands in 2008, she decided to be baptized at her Baptist church in Arnhem, Netherlands.


Oosterkamp left the Netherlands in the 90's to study acting at the prestigious actors school in Mexico, that was related to The Actors Studio in L.A. Resulting her graduation in both countries. In the brief period beforehand, she had begun to study psychology in Utrecht, Netherlands, where she discovered that because of her turbulent travel history she found it very difficult to settle in the cold, blunt & distant Dutch culture. She left then for Mexico. Describing her time in Mexico as "life forming", she only considered acting as merely an "odd job profession" until she was tracked down to modeling for "look -alikes". Oosterkamp appeared in various commercials and music videos, did some fashion modeling but is especially known for its modern and spicy dance-choreography for famous Argentine teen series. She has also contributed to numerous Spanish text-songs for this series. Oosterkamp has built up a fun, safe & reliable network of worldwide celebrities.

After some time of silence around actress Oosterkamp, she revealed that she had begun with a study. Now that she and her children moved back to the Netherlands, she hopes to complete her training directors degree for film & television within two years. "The first few weeks I will stay home to recreate a new safe home for my children."
Meanwhile, she will temporary start to give theater workshops and classes to students at her hometown in the Netherlands. Actress Oosterkamp will not disappear completely from the movie-screen.


Oosterkamp had four relationships with engineers of different nationalities. All graduated at the prestigious Wageningen University & Research center (Wageningen UR), Netherlands. They all fit well by her family of scientists. Even though she is an open-minded actress, she has never been interested to date fellow colleagues or other artists she knows. "Despite keeping work and personal life separated, I already do acting for work, why would I want to make overtime at home...haha!" Although Oosterkamp is very clear about partner choice, she has already been spotted several times with a young French celebrity.

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Nachtegaal en zonen (2007) 
  Een steiger 01x03: (Oct/19/2007) As Marja Anema 
  Een steiger 01x03: (Oct/19/2007) As Marja Anema 
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Son: Tjahzi Oosterkamp, born january 25, 2000

Son: Faydor Oosterkamp, Feb/05/2010 - Feb/15/2010 (death by meningitis).

Inti Oosterkamp Quotes
Inti Oosterkamp: It's an art to give, without wanting anything in return.

Inti Oosterkamp: Who can receive with kindness, gives from himself.

Inti Oosterkamp: What ever happens, it's given to you... how you look at and deal with it, that's up to you.

Inti Oosterkamp: Those who don't see the miracle in a child, don't understand what life is all about.

Inti Oosterkamp: Insanity is hereditary. You can get it from your children.

Inti Oosterkamp: Having a place to go - is a home, having someone to love - is a family.

Inti Oosterkamp: Loyal friends make our lives complete.

Inti Oosterkamp: Love is... realize that nobody looks perfect in the morning.

Inti Oosterkamp: Love is... never get bored with each other.

Inti Oosterkamp: Joy is not in things, it is in us.

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