Jessica Biel

played Mary Camden-Rivera [Seasons 1-6 recurring otherwise] in 7th Heaven

Mary is the second oldest kid in the household. She has always had a love for basketball.

When Mary was in highschool she was hit by car and was unable to play basketball. Mary had to work hard at it but eventually thanks to her coach she was able to get back on the court.

Due to the low grades of the basketball players their coach locked up the gym until the grades went up. Mary and her other team mates were so upset they trashed the gym. Mary was sent to community service.

At community service she met her new boyfriend Robby.

Mary kept getting into more trouble so Eric and Annie sent her to Buffalo to live with her grandparents.

Mary hasn't had much luck with her career, she tried doing college but never finished. She thought of being a Firefighter with her exboyfriend Ben but that did not work. For the pass few years Mary has been a flight atendant.

Mary has now been married for 2 years to Carlos Rivera. Mary did not tell anyone she was getting married. They had a child together named Charlie.

Mary and Carlos' marrage had began to fail until last May when we found out that Carlos and Mary had got back together and are now haveing twins.

Mary finished college and is going to be a teacher.