Michael Fassbender

On his role in 'A Bear Named Winnie':
Trainer: "One of the serious things we've noticed about Michael is when we said to him 'we'd love you to spend some time with the animals'. He never leaves. We come in the morning at 5:30 and he's here on the ground with the bears. We try and pack up at night to go and he's like '5 more minutes!' He's like a child. 5 more minutes! He just, he won't go. We love him but geez go home, Michael, sometimes."
Michael: "Yeah it costs a lot to feed me as well. I go through a lot of bear milk."
On Period costumes: "They're great. I love them. It makes my job easier. You put on a costume and you look different."
His part in 'The Three Sisters': "...Russian dancing. I have to do a lot of that in the play but actually it isn't too bad. Did you know, some of the moves are very similar to break dancing?"
On the struggle between theatre and film: "In an ideal world I would like to balance between the two. I think of theatre as a marathon and film as a sprint. There is a period of time set aside for rehearsal in theatre. It is a more physical experience and I love the live connection with the audience. With film there is usually little or no time for rehearsal - most rehearsal is done on your own at home and you need the discipline for that. And the camera picks up on every little inflection - you can't lie to the camera."