Michael Fassbender

Languages: Fluent German,
Natural Accent: Southern Irish,
Accents: RP, Various Irish (Native) Northern, Scottish, North & South American, German,
Musical Instruments: Guitar, Piano & Accordian ,
Sports: Horse Riding, Swimming, Atheletics,
Sports Certificates: Stage Fighting ,
Singing: Baritone ,
Dance: Ballet ,
Joel Schumacher is one of his favourite directors and has now been cast in a lead role in one of Schumacher's films.
For his role in Hunger, Michael slimmed down dramatically to achieve the affect of the hunger-striking activist Bobby Sands.
Michael is related to Michael Collins, whom he played in the stage production of Allegiance, through his mother, Adele Fassbender.
For his role in the stage production of The Three Sisters, Michael learnt Russian dancing which he describes as 'similar to breakdancing'.
For Band of Brothers, Michael attended a gruelling 12 day bootcamp for actors where they were taught everything about survival and what it truly meant to be a soldier in a war situation.
It took six hours in hair and make up to make Michael into the true biblical version of Azazeal in the first episode of Hex.
Was transformed into a goat for The Cooper Temple Clause's video Blind Pilots.
He has produced, directed and starred in a stage version of Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.
Michael has formed his own production company known as 'Peanut Productions'.