Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey produced and starred in his own movie called "Jim Carrey: The Unatural Act", which he dedicated to his mother after her death.
Jim Carrey beat fellow actor Robin Williams for the part of Riddler in "Batman Forever".
Jim replaced Chris Farley in the comedy thriller, "The Cable Guy".
Carrey Co-wrote the movie "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective".
Jim was payed 20 million dollars to play the starring role in the movie "The Cable Guy", the record amount for a comedic actor. (In Bio)
To get the part of Andy Kaufman in "Man on the Moon", Carrey auditioned with a set of bongo drums that Andy used himself during some of his acts. (In Bio)
There will be a sequel to Ace Ventura without Jim in it. The first time was the original animated series.
Jim will be in "Ripelys Believe it or not" a movie... not the TV show.
While filming Batman Forever, Jim's hair was dyed orange like the Riddler's hair in the comics, though in some scenes, his hair was at it's normal color.
Joe Shumaker directed Batman Forever, with Jim in it, and Jim is also working with Joel on the new the Number 23 movie.