Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is of African-Canadian and Samoan descent.
The Rock has a wax figure likeness of himself at Madame Tussaud's museum.
The Rock attended Freedom High School, Bethlehem, PA.
The Rock was named one of E!'s "top 20 entertainers of 2001."
The Rock received guidance and training from Bret "The Hitman" Hart when he first came to the WWF.
At age 24, The Rock became the youngest Intercontinental Champion in WWF history.
The Rock made his motion picture debut as "The Mugger" in Longshot (2000).
The Rock appeared in the video for Godsmack's "I Stand Alone."
Wrestler Tonga Fifita (better known as Haku/Meng) was The Rock's Best Man at his May 1997 wedding to Dany Garcia.
The Rock is married to his college sweetheart Dany Garcia, they also have a daughter named Simone.
The Rock is a 7-time WWE Champion holding the record of the most times won.
The Rock supplied the voice for "Mathayus" in The Scorpion King: Rise Of The Akkadian (2002) video game.
The Rock is 6'5" tall and weighs 275 pounds.
Rock's father (Rocky Johnson) and maternal grandfather (Chief Peter Maivia) were both professional wrestlers in the WWF.
The Rock was the last person that beat Stone Cold Steve Austin before Austin's retirement from wrestling.
The Rock's last wrestling match was at Wrestlemania XX in March 2004. He teamed up with Mick Foley to take on Evolution (Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton). Evolution won the match.
In 3 years of dating his wife, Dany Johnson, he has never met her parents.