Taye Diggs

played Detective Brett Hopper in Day Break

Brett Hopper has a pretty good life. He's a respected Los Angeles police detective, he has a nice apartment, a beautiful girlfriend, and a family he loves dearly. That all changes on one fateful day.

Hopper wakes up to find himself framed for the murder of a prominent A.D.A., his girlfriend kidnapped by shadowy figures, his sister in danger, and a conspiracy against him that reaches the highest levels of local government.

To make things even worse, Hopper is trapped inside a kind of time loop, one where each day gives him a chance to both solve the mystery and protect his loved ones. As one of Hopper's mysterious opponents says, "for every decision, there's a consequence".
played Dr. Sam Bennett in Private Practice

Sam is an internist who is a founding partner of the Oceanside Wellness Center. He is the best-selling author of the book Body Language: The Mind Body Connection. Sam went to medical school with Addison and Naomi. He later married Naomi, but they recently divorced, though they continue to both work at Oceanside and co-parent their thirteen year old daughter Maya.