Kristin Chenoweth

played Annabeth Schott [Episodes 133 -, recurring previously] in The West Wing

- Degree in Art History
Political Background:
- Media Consultant/Deputy Press Secretary, 2005
- Santos Campaign staff member, 2006
- Co-coordinator of the Democratic National Convention, 2006
- Press Secretary to the First Lady, 2007-present
played Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies

Olive is a waitress at the Pie Hole and Ned's neighbor. She likes Ned and hopes for more in their relationship, despite Ned's reluctance. She’s also fond of Ned’s dog Digby, possibly seeing it as a way to get to Ned.

Little is known of Olive’s past life, other then that she was a championship jockey and an avid synchronized swimming fan. She can be warm-hearted and giving, willing to help keep Chuck’s secret (even if she isn’t quite sure what it is), but can be a little short-sighted. Unlike Chuck, she’s a cynic and isn’t afraid to get in someone’s face.