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Michael Zinberg

Mostly Credited As: Michael Zinberg

TV Appearances

No TV appearances
Crew Credits

Show Crew

Heart of the City (1986)• Creator
• Producer
JAG (1995)• Co-Executive Producer (1995-1996, 1998)
Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers (1974)• Associate Producer
Quantum Leap (1989)• Co-Executive Producer
The Bob Newhart Show (1972) (1972)• Associate Producer (1972-1976)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970)• Associate Producer (1973-1974)
The Tony Randall Show (1976)• Title Visualization
Fathers and Sons (US) (1986)• Creator

Episode Crew

NCIS: New Orleans (2014) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Musician Heal Thyself 01x01 Sep/23/2014 As: Director
The Blacklist (2013) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Berlin 01x21 May/05/2014 As: Director
Madeline Pratt 01x14 Feb/24/2014 As: Director
Star-Crossed (2014) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
An Old Accustom'd Feast 01x08 Apr/07/2014 As: Director
The Michael J. Fox Show (2013) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Secret 01x13 Jan/09/2014 As: Director
The Good Wife (2009) (Credited in 11 episodes from this show) 
The Next Day 05x06 Nov/03/2013 As: Director
The Bit Bucket 05x02 Oct/06/2013 As: Director
A More Perfect Union 04x21 Apr/21/2013 As: Director
The Seven Day Rule 04x13 Jan/27/2013 As: Director
Don’t Haze Me, Bro 04x04 Oct/21/2012 As: Director
I Fought the Law 04x01 Sep/30/2012 As: Director
The Penalty Box 03x21 Apr/22/2012 As: Director
Gloves Come Off 03x18 Mar/18/2012 As: Director
Alienation of Affection 03x12 Jan/08/2012 As: Director
Real Deal 02x13 Feb/08/2011 As: Director
VIP Treatment 02x05 Oct/26/2010 As: Director
Franklin & Bash (2011) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Control 03x07 Jul/24/2013 As: Director
90210 (2008) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
You Can't Win Em All 05x20 Apr/29/2013 As: Director
Life's a Beach 05x16 Mar/04/2013 As: Director
99 Problems 05x07 Nov/26/2012 As: Director
Babes In Toyland 04x17 Mar/06/2012 As: Director
Rizzoli & Isles (2010) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Bloodlines 02x07 Aug/22/2011 As: Director
Sailor Man 02x03 Jul/25/2011 As: Director
We Don't Need Another Hero 02x01 Jul/11/2011 As: Director
I Kissed A Girl 01x06 Aug/16/2010 As: Director
Private Practice (2007) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
What Happens Next 04x08 Nov/11/2010 As: Director
Another Second Chance 03x11 Jan/14/2010 As: Director
Yours, Mine and Ours 02x22 Apr/30/2009 As: Director
Wait and See 02x17 Feb/19/2009 As: Director
Let It Go 02x05 Nov/05/2008 As: Director
Terriers (2010) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Missing Persons 01x07 Oct/20/2010 As: Director
Lie to Me (2009) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
The Royal We 03x02 Oct/11/2010 As: Director
Delinquent 02x16 Jul/19/2010 As: Director
React to Contact 02x14 Jun/28/2010 As: Director
Secret Santa 02x08 Nov/23/2009 As: Director
In Plain Sight (2008) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Whistle Stop 03x04 Apr/21/2010 As: Director
Burn Notice (2007) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Noble Causes 03x12 Feb/04/2010 As: Director
Monk (2002) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Mr. Monk Is the Best Man 08x13 Nov/13/2009 As: Director
Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever 07x03 Aug/01/2008 As: Director
Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather 03x05 Jul/23/2004 As: Director
Mr. Monk and the Blackout 03x03 Jul/09/2004 As: Director
Mr. Monk and the 12th Man 02x09 Aug/22/2003 As: Director
Fringe (2008) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Safe 01x10 Dec/02/2008 As: Director
The Unit (2006) (2006) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
The Conduit 04x04 Oct/19/2008 As: Director
Always Kiss Them Goodbye 03x03 Oct/09/2007 As: Director
Dark Of The Moon 02x17 Feb/27/2007 As: Director
Manhunt 02x04 Oct/10/2006 As: Director
The Middleman (2008) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation 01x08 Aug/04/2008 As: Director
The Accidental Occidental Conception 01x02 Jun/23/2008 As: Director
Aliens in America (2007) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Metamorphosis 01x04 Oct/22/2007 As: Director
Psych (2006) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
And Down the Stretch Comes Murder 02x05 Aug/10/2007 As: Director
From Earth to Starbucks 01x10 Jan/26/2007 As: Director
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece 01x03 Jul/21/2006 As: Director
The Wedding Bells (2007) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Most Beautiful Girl 01x05 Apr/06/2007 As: Director
Gilmore Girls (2000) (Credited in 6 episodes from this show) 
We've Got Magic to Do 06x05 Oct/11/2005 As: Director
The UnGraduate 06x03 Sep/27/2005 As: Director
But I'm a Gilmore 05x19 Apr/26/2005 As: Director
Pulp Friction 05x17 Mar/08/2005 As: Director
But Not as Cute as Pushkin 05x10 Nov/30/2004 As: Director
Afterboom 04x19 Apr/27/2004 As: Director
Lost (2004) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
House of the Rising Sun 01x06 Oct/27/2004 As: Director
The Practice (1997) (Credited in 8 episodes from this show) 
Going Home (1) 08x13 Feb/15/2004 As: Director
Goodbye (2) 07x22 May/05/2003 As: Director
Of Thee I Sing 07x03 Oct/13/2002 As: Director
Pro Se 06x13 Feb/10/2002 As: Director
Friends and Ex-Lovers 05x10 Dec/17/2000 As: Director
Life Sentence 04x22 May/21/2000 As: Director
New Evidence (1) 04x12 Jan/30/2000 As: Director
Oz (2) 04x05 Oct/24/1999 As: Director
Boston Public (2000) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Chapter Seventy-Seven 04x11 Jan/16/2004 As: Director
Chapter Fifty-Four 03x10 Jan/13/2003 As: Director
Chapter Forty-One 02x19 Apr/29/2002 As: Director
Chapter Twenty-One 01x21 May/14/2001 As: Director
NCIS (2003) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Sub Rosa 01x07 Nov/18/2003 As: Director
The Guardian (2001) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Let's Spend the Night Together 03x06 Oct/28/2003 As: Director
Crossing Jordan (2001) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Conspiracy 02x16 Mar/17/2003 As: Director
As If by Fate 02x05 Oct/21/2002 As: Director
In-Laws (2002) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Two Rooms 01x14 Jan/14/2003 As: Director
Mother's Nature 01x15 Unaired As: Director
Everybody Loves Raymond (1996) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Robert Needs Money 07x06 Oct/21/2002 As: Director
Fighting In-Laws 05x08 Nov/20/2000 As: Director
Young Girl 05x09 Nov/13/2000 As: Director
Meant to Be 05x04 Oct/16/2000 As: Director
Working Girl 03x23 Apr/26/1999 As: Director
She Spies (2002) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
First Episode 01x01 Jul/20/2002 As: Director
First Monday (2002) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Strip Search 01x11 Apr/19/2002 As: Director
Yes, Dear (2000) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Kim Just Wants to Have Fun 01x21 Apr/16/2001 As: Director
Titans (2000) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Bad Will Hunting 01x06 Nov/08/2000 As: Director
Charmed (1998) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Apocalypse Not 02x21 May/11/2000 As: Director
Heartbreak City 02x10 Jan/20/2000 As: Director
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Contact 01x19 Apr/28/2000 As: Director
The Pretender (1996) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Junk 04x15 Mar/25/2000 As: Director
Homefront 03x07 Dec/12/1998 As: Director
Every Picture Tells A Story 01x02 Sep/28/1996 As: Director
Holding the Baby (US) (1998) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Gordy's Choice 01x13 Unaired As: Director
Viva Las Gordy 01x08 Unaired As: Director
Men Behaving Badly (US) (1996) (Credited in 16 episodes from this show) 
The Gift of Jami 02x06 Dec/17/1997 As: Director
The Sting 02x03 Oct/12/1997 As: Director
Got Milk? 02x02 Oct/05/1997 As: Director
No Retreat, No Surrender 02x01 Sep/28/1997 As: Director
Testing, Testing 01x20 May/14/1997 As: Director
The Party Favor 01x17 Apr/09/1997 As: Director
I Am What I Am 01x16 Apr/02/1997 As: Director
Brenda is Moved 01x15 Feb/19/1997 As: Director
Jamie Needs a Kid 01x13 Feb/05/1997 As: Director
Drunken Proposal 01x07 Nov/13/1996 As: Director
Carpe Dino 02x13 Unaired As: Director
Welcome to JamieCo 02x12 Unaired As: Director
The Fur Man Cometh 02x11 Unaired As: Director
The Tape 02x09 Unaired As: Director
Jamie's Got Next 02x08 Unaired As: Director
Here We Go Again 02x07 Unaired As: Director
The Single Guy (1995) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Au Pair 02x20 Apr/09/1997 As: Director
JAG (1995) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
The Prisoner 01x20 May/08/1996 As: Director
The Brotherhood 01x12 Feb/03/1996 As: Director
Where I Live (1993) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Big Mon on Campus 02x01 Nov/06/1993 As: Director
The Commish (1991) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Adventures in the Skin Trade (2) 02x02 Oct/03/1992 As: Director
Adventures in the Skin Trade (1) 02x01 Sep/26/1992 As: Director
Quantum Leap (1989) (Credited in 9 episodes from this show) 
Stand Up - April 30, 1959 04x21 May/13/1992 As: Director
Raped - June 20, 1980 04x06 Oct/30/1991 As: Director
The Leap Back - June 15, 1945 04x01 Sep/18/1991 As: Director
One Strobe Over the Line - June 15, 1965 03x04 Oct/19/1990 As: Director
The Leap Home Part II (Vietnam) - April 7, 1970 03x02 Oct/05/1990 As: Director
M.I.A. - April 1, 1969 02x22 May/09/1990 As: Director
Maybe Baby - March 11, 1963 02x20 Apr/04/1990 As: Director
A Portrait for Troian - February 7, 1971 02x11 Dec/13/1989 As: Director
Good Morning, Peoria - September 9, 1959 02x06 Nov/08/1989 As: Director
Open House (US) (1989) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Brother, Can You Spare a Grand? 01x20 Mar/18/1990 As: Director
Dumbstruck 01x19 Feb/25/1990 As: Director
Second Honeymoon Anyone? 01x05 Sep/24/1989 As: Director
Whodunnit? 01x04 Sep/17/1989 As: Director
Going for Broker 01x03 Sep/10/1989 As: Director
Coach (1989) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Homewreckers 02x15 Mar/06/1990 As: Director
The Loss Weekend 01x05 Mar/22/1989 As: Director
Kelly and the Professor 01x01 Feb/28/1989 As: Director
Midnight Caller (1988) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Based on a True Story 02x11 Jan/16/1990 As: Director
Mercy Me 02x04 Oct/24/1989 As: Director
Bank Job 01x05 Jan/03/1989 As: Director
Duet (1987) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Roll Call 03x15 Mar/26/1989 As: Director
Oh, Boy! 03x05 Nov/27/1988 As: Director
For Richard, For Poorer 03x04 Nov/20/1988 As: Director
Satin Doll 02x06 Nov/01/1987 As: Director
Variations on a Theme 01x04 May/03/1987 As: Director
Hooperman (1987) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Nick Derringer, P.I. 01x21 May/04/1988 As: Director
Trudy and Clyde 01x20 Apr/13/1988 As: Director
Chariots of Fire 01x14 Jan/20/1988 As: Director
Hot Wired 01x07 Nov/18/1987 As: Director
Mr. Belvedere (1985) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Commentary 04x11 Jan/22/1988 As: Director
Kevin's Model 04x10 Jan/15/1988 As: Director
The Initiation 04x01 Oct/30/1987 As: Director
L.A. Law (1986) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Brothers Grimm 02x05 Nov/12/1987 As: Director
The Tortellis (1987) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
His Girl Friday 01x13 May/12/1987 As: Director
The Good Life 01x09 Apr/01/1987 As: Director
Man of The Year 01x08 Mar/25/1987 As: Director
Frankie Comes To Dinner 01x03 Feb/04/1987 As: Director
Together We Stand (1986) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
We're a Family 01x07 Feb/08/1987 As: Director
Heart of the City (1986) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Out on a Limb 01x13 Jan/10/1987 As: Director
Fathers and Sons (US) (1986) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Desperately Seeking Einstein 01x03 Apr/27/1986 As: Writer
The Ironman 01x01 Apr/06/1986 As: Director
Who's the Boss? (1984) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Hunk of the Month 02x08 Nov/19/1985 As: Director
Double Date 01x18 Feb/26/1985 As: Director
The Yellow Rose (1983) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Sins of the Father 01x05 Nov/05/1983 As: Writer
When Honor Dies 01x03 Oct/22/1983 As: Writer
Divided We Fall 01x02 Oct/15/1983 As: Writer
Family Ties (1982) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Elyse D'Arc 01x22 Apr/11/1983 As: Director
I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend 01x03 Oct/06/1982 As: Director
Taxi (1978) (Credited in 6 episodes from this show) 
Louie Moves Uptown 05x13 Jan/22/1983 As: Director
Get Me Through the Holidays 05x12 Dec/16/1982 As: Director
Travels with My Dad 05x09 Nov/25/1982 As: Director
Jim and the Kid 04x16 Feb/11/1982 As: Director
Simka Returns 04x15 Feb/04/1982 As: Director
Tony's Lady 04x14 Jan/28/1982 As: Director
Newhart (1982) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Visitors 01x13 Jan/17/1983 As: Director
9 to 5 (1982) (Credited in 8 episodes from this show) 
Torn Between One Lover 02x12 Jan/11/1983 As: Director
Did it Happen One Night? 02x11 Jan/04/1983 As: Director
Hard Sell 02x09 Dec/07/1982 As: Director
Home is Where the Hart Is 02x05 Nov/09/1982 As: Director
Dick Doesn't Live Here Anymore 02x04 Oct/26/1982 As: Director
Real Men Don't Make Quiche 02x03 Oct/19/1982 As: Director
The Security Guard 02x02 Oct/12/1982 As: Director
The Loverwear Party 02x01 Sep/28/1982 As: Director
WKRP in Cincinnati (1978) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Preacher 01x22 Jun/04/1979 As: Director
Turkeys Away 01x07 Oct/30/1978 As: Director
Hoodlum Rock 01x04 Oct/09/1978 As: Director
Pilot (2) 01x02 Sep/25/1978 As: Director
The White Shadow (1978) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Great White Dope 01x12 Feb/24/1979 As: Director
Lou Grant (1977) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Singles 02x09 Dec/04/1978 As: Director
The Bob Newhart Show (1972) (1972) (Credited in 19 episodes from this show) 
Happy Trails to You 06x22 Apr/01/1978 As: Director
Group on a Hot Tin Roof 06x16 Jan/28/1978 As: Director
Son of an Ex-Con Job 06x15 Jan/21/1978 As: Director
A Jackie Story 06x03 Oct/08/1977 As: Director
Ex-Con Job 06x02 Oct/01/1977 As: Director
The Mentor 05x22 Mar/05/1977 As: Director
Desperate Sessions 05x21 Feb/26/1977 As: Writer
Death Be My Destiny 05x19 Feb/12/1977 As: Director
Halls of Hartley 05x17 Jan/29/1977 As: Writer
The Slammer 05x09 Nov/20/1976 As: Director
Send This Boy to Camp 05x07 Nov/06/1976 As: Director
Caged Fury 05x02 Oct/02/1976 As: Director
Enter Mrs. Peeper 05x01 Sep/25/1976 As: Director
Peeper Two 04x24 Feb/28/1976 As: Director
No Sale 04x16 Jan/03/1976 As: Writer
The Article 04x13 Dec/06/1975 As: Director
What's It All About, Albert? 04x08 Nov/01/1975 As: Director
Carol's Wedding 04x06 Oct/18/1975 As: Director
Tobin's Back in Town 03x16 Jan/04/1975 As: Writer
The Tony Randall Show (1976) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Case: Adios, Mr. Chips 02x20 Mar/04/1978 As: Director
Case: Love Vs. Excitement 02x07 Nov/05/1977 As: Director
Case: The People Speak 01x22 Mar/10/1977 As: Director
Case: The Hooper Affair 01x13 Jan/06/1977 As: Director
Case: The Snow White Affair 01x06 Oct/28/1976 As: Director
We've Got Each Other (1977) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Magic Show 01x11 Dec/24/1977 As: Director
The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Ted Baxter's Famous Broadcasters' School 05x23 Feb/22/1975 As: Writer
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