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Scott Bakula

Scott is known to friends as "Bak."
Bakula Productions Incorporated was set up in 1994 with its current aim to develop feature and telefilms for Paramount Network Television.
Scott attended the University of Kansas to study pre law and accounting in 1973/1974. He switched to theatre studies halfway through the third semester of his sophomore year in college.
Scott attended Kirkwood High School, St Louis, Missouri, graduated in 1973.
Scott appeared in the Broadway show Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down.
Scott appeared in a TV commercial for Folgers Coffee in 1985.
Scott appeared in a TV commercial for Canada Dry in 1984.
Scott appeared in the TV commercial for welcoming home USS Enterprise CVN-65 from Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001.
Scott lives in Los Angeles and has a farm in "up-state New York".
Scott enjoys attending hockey games; he appeared in ads in the Los Angeles Kings programs in the '90s, and often frequented games there.
Scott sang with the St. Louis Symphony earlier on in his career.
In the fourth grade, Scott started a rock band and also wrote the lyrics for some of the songs they performed.
Scott's father-in-law (Chelsea Field's father) once sold a horse to William Shatner.
Scott's second wife Chelsea Field auditioned for the role of Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager (1995).
Scott has been directed by James Whitmore Jr. in episodes of three different series: Quantum Leap (1989), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1996) and Enterprise (2001).
Scott has starred in five different series which were cancelled: Gung Ho (1986), Eisenhower & Lutz (1988), Quantum Leap (1989), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1996) and Enterprise (2001).
Athletic Scott ran the Los Angeles Marathon on March 6, 2005 in 4 hours, 10 minutes, 41 seconds.
The song "Somewhere in the Night", which appeared in an episode of Quantum Leap, was sung by Scott and can be found in a CD single format.
Scott is the only actor to have two roles included in TV Guide's "25 Legends of Sci-Fi."
Scott has speculated (half jokingly) that Jonathan Archer's middle name is Beckett. This is a reference to Dr. Sam Beckett, the character Bakula portrayed on Quantum Leap.
Scott is a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.
In 1988, Scott was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for the show: Romance/Romance, written by Barry Harman.
Scott's daughter Chelsy appeared in the Quantum Leap (1989) episode Memphis Melody.
The white streak in Scott's hair appeared when he was four years old. He had been helping a neighbor paint, and his mother thought he had gotten paint in his hair.
Scott appeared on the cover of the March 1995 issue of Playgirl Magazine. In the interview inside, illustrated with several photos of Scott baring his hairy chest, he stated that he wouldn't have a problem doing a nude scene in a movie.
Scott won a Golden Globe in 1992 for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series - Drama for Quantum Leap.
Scott is six feet tall (1.83 m).