Forbes March

played Jesse Kilmartin in Mutant X

Powers: Mass & Phase out

Jesse Kilmartin is the son of manipulative covert operative Noah Kilmartin. Both his wealthy father and his grandfather William had won medals for their military service, but Jesse rarely saw his grandfather because of animosity between the two men. Though Noah’s work habitually kept him far from home, Jesse remembered occasional pizza parlor visits and yearly father-son martial arts competitions until his parent’s divorce. Jesse first discovered his abilities in high school, while engaged to Alisha Keary, the daughter of the wealthy industrialist family with whom he used to spend summers. Fleeing from a life where he could not fit in, Jesse joined Mutant X to find a new family and sense of purpose. As an intangible/impervious molecular, Jesse can alter his body’s density to intangible enough to walk through walls (phasing) or dense enough to stop bullets and cars (massing). By the end of the third season, Jesse can also phase and mass other objects and people by touch. Jesse can only remain massed for as long as he can hold his breath, and if he remains phased for more than 30 seconds, he may not be able to reform.
played Nash Brennan [(#1); 2005-] in One Life to Live

At the time, Nash has no known Family.

~ Claudia Reston
~ Tess Buchanan