Rob Morrow

  played Don Eppes in Numb3rs

Don is the eldest of the Eppes brothers. He is a Senior Special Agent in Charge in the FBI field office in Los Angeles. He grew up in Los Angeles and transferred back home when his mother became ill with terminal cancer two years prior to the beginning of the series. His previous assignments included Quantico and Albuqurque NM.

Don grew up in the shadow of his mathematically gifted brother Charlie, despite being 5 years older than Charlie. Charlie was very advanced and put ahead in school resulting in the brothers being in the same graduating class in high school.

Don attended college on a baseball scholarship and played minor league baseball for the Stockton Rangers for a year or so.

Don has enlisted Charlie to assist him with difficult FBI cases where Charlie's mathematical prowess proves quite valuable. Unfortunately this does result in conflicts based on events that happened years ago. They always manage to work out their differences to solve the case at hand, but occasionally some issues remain unresolved. If anything, their working relationship has brought them closer together and able to understand one another better, much to the relief of their doting father, Alan.