Moira Kelly

played Karen Roe in One Tree Hill

Full Name: Karen Roe
Age: Approx. 40
Spouse: Currently unmarried; was engaged to Keith Scott at the time of his death
Children: Son, Lucas Scott (by Dan Scott) and daughter, Lily Rose (by Keith Scott)
Occupational History: During seasons 1-4, Karen owned and ran a cafe, Karen's Cafe, as well as a club, TRIC. Following season 4, Karen sold TRIC and the cafe and traveled the world with Lily.
Sports History: In high school, Karen was the captain of the Tree Hill Ravens cheer squad.
Romantic History: Her first serious relationship was with Dan Scott during her senior year of high school. However, Dan left to play basketball on scholarship and abandoned her once he found out she was pregnant. Karen briefly dated Peyton's father, Larry Sawyer. When Karen went back to school during season 2, she developed a relationship with her business professor, Andy Hargrove, but thanks to Dan Andy was deported back to New Zealand and their relationship ended. In season 3, Keith and Karen started a relationship and Karen proposed to Keith during "All Tomorrow's Parties". However, their relationship was cut short when Keith was killed during the school shooting in "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept". During season 4, Karen began to rekindle her relationship with Dan, but it ended when he turned himself in for Keith's murder during "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone". In season 5 when Karen returned to town in "Hundred" for Lucas' wedding, it is revealed that she is now once again in a relationship with Andy.
played Mandy Hampton [S01] in The West Wing

- Spouse: None, but has been romantically linked to Senator Lloyd Russell and Josh Lyman
- Bachelor’s degree in Art History
- Master’s degree in Communications
- Ph.D. in Political Science
Political Background:
- Media consultant for Senator Lloyd Russell, 19??-1999
- Media consultant for the President of the United States, 1999