Daniella Alonso

played Anna Tagarro [Season 2] in One Tree Hill

Full Name: Anna Tagarro
Age: Approx. 16-17
Parents: Parents are briefly seen and often mentioned; Anna's father is a part of the Doctors Without Borders organization, causing their family to move frequently.
Siblings: Older brother, Felix
Romantic History: While in Tree Hill, Anna briefly dated Lucas. Their relationship was thrown off track when Anna pressured Lucas to have sex with her after the formal dance. Later, Lucas broke up with her when he realized that he still had feelings for Brooke. It was later revealed that Anna was bisexual and was using Lucas to appear to be straight. Lucas was able to help Anna work though her insecurities about her sexuality and ultimately came out to her parents.
Other Info: After coming out to her parents, Anna decided to face the girls at her old school that had started nasty rumors about Anna's sexuality. In "The Lonesome Road", Anna left Tree Hill for her former school.