Neve Campbell

(If she could change one feature about her, what would it be?): "I have the ugliest feet in the world. But even if I didn't dance, they would still be ugly. My toes are too big!"
(Asked "Was she injured during the filming of The Company"): "I broke my rib three days before going to Chicago. I did the training for four and a half months getting ready to go and three days before I went, when I was really nervous to join the company and see where I stood, I broke my rib. We were learning "Funny Valentine" and because we were learning from the tape, we were doing one of the lifts wrong. He lifted me from under my ribs. So then I had to go and do it with a broken rib".
(On the offer to return to professional ballet after "The Company"):
"It wouldn't really make sense for my career. The dancers go through all this pressure and all this discipline. They make so many sacrifices, and on average, the career ends at 35, so if I were to start again, I'd be done in five years."
(On pointe work in ballet): "You'd better love it, or there's absolutely no point. Unless, of course, you're a complete masochist."