Julianne Nicholson

played Detective Megan Wheeler [S06; S07E12-S08E14] in Law & Order: Criminal Intent

When Detective Megan Wheeler joined Major Case Squad, she was immediately paired with veteran cop, Detective Logan. Det. Logan was convinced that her youth and inexperience would hamper their ability to work together. But as Det. Logan soon found out, Det. Wheeler is a good cop who doesn't take her job lying down.

Having grown up with a single mother and a non-existent mob lawyer father, Det. Wheeler has the ability to be reconciled with her past and put each case in front of her with clarity, freshness and precision. Fashioned and possibly favored by her mentor, Capt. Danny Ross, Wheeler has been hungry to earn her stripes at the Major Case Squad.
played Assistant D.A. Christina Finn in Conviction (2006)

Christina Finn is an inexperienced ADA who has been with the DA's office for two years. She is particularly nervous about her first case, to the point that she becomes physically ill. Her first case, along with the death of her mentor, Mike Randolph, take a toll on Christina, although in the end she wins her case. Though she has limited trial experience, she is a quick learner, and despite some mistakes, she shows great proficiency. While sitting second chair to Steele in a murder trial, she convinces him that it is necessary that he allow for her to give the closing argument, else they would be certain to lose, due to the fact that the defendant had reverted to numerous means of undermining Steele throughout the trial. Her closing argument wins them the trial. Christina is flirtatious with Brian Peluso.