Andrea Savage

(On her sit-com "Significant Others"): “It’s about four married couples that are all going to the same marriage counselor. That’s how they are connected, but the couples don’t know each other at all. It’s four completely different story lines. You see them in therapy and you see them working on their lives, outside of the therapy. It’s like a comedic reality, were not coming from jokes were coming from real life relationships. All of the couples are in different stages. I play Chelsea and I’m married to a man named James and we are newly weds who don’t know each other at all. We dated for a month and we’ve been married for three. Big information just keeps coming out, mostly about my checkered past. I had been married before and I have slept with two hundred men. He goes off the handle about it, and I’m free spirited. I’ll do anything at anytime and he’s a financial analyst”.
“They guy who plays my husband, Brian Palermo, is so wonderful that we’ve never had a bad day. If one of us is a little scatter-brained, the other one will pick up and carry them a little but. We have such a great chemistry that it’s like we’re not even working at all. We knew each other a little bit before from The Groundlings, and we have a similar style of improv. We can go for hours on end. We did a forty-minute take once, where they just kept the camera going. Unfortunately, they ended up not using any of it because the story-line changed and it wasn’t applicable anymore.”
(On her sit-com "Significant Others"): “For a woman, a lot of times there aren’t that many roles. You might play the dumb girlfriend, or the straight lead girl who doesn’t get to be funny. In this scenario I get to be whatever I want to be”.