Allison Mack

played Chloe Sullivan in Smallville

Background: Chloe Sullivan grew up in Metropolis and moved to Smallville in her eighth grade year with her father when he was transferred to manage LuthorCorp's Plant number three. Over the years Chloe and Clark has become close friends, and Chloe has feelings for Clark, unfortunately for her he doesn't feel the same way as she do. Sometimes Chloe let her journalist intuition get the best of her, but Chloe still have a good heart. Chloe just recently found out the whole truth about Clark’s identity and has made the promise to keep this a secret forever. Chloe aspires to be an investigative reporter and journalist and is well on her way to becoming that with her wall of weird collection that she has recently taken down. The wall of weird is Chloe's collection of strange things that have happened in Smallville since the meteor shower otherwise known as “the freaks of the weeks”. Currently Chloe works at the Daily Planet. Lois Lane is Chloe's biological cousin.

Powers: Very intelligent, pack's a lot of defense weaponry in the back of her sedan, as well as her journalism intuition. Chloe can heal people, but if she heals them from death she herself is dead for a number of hours.

First appearance: N/a (issue coming soon)