Tom Welling

played Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton in Smallville

Background: The young Superhero who in the future would become Superman. Clark Joseph Kent was born on Krypton right before the planet met its end. It was then his biological Parents Jor-el and Laura sent him on a spaceship to his current home Earth.
After a meteor shower reined on Earth, in the city of Smallville he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who are now his adoptive parents. Clark has a love interest named Lana, but it is not working out for he fears that if he tell her his secret she would always face danger. Currently Clark resides in college and enjoys spending time with his friend and junior reporter Chloe Sullivan. Clark's father recently died of a heart attack and Clark has learned some moral values that his adoptive father always told him to abide by. Most recently Clark has begun his training in the fortress of solitude, where his birth fathers Jor-el's essence currently reside.

Powers: Clark possesses powers that any ordinary human being would not understand. Clark’s super-powers are a extraordinary magnifications of ordinary human abilities. His Kryptonian physiology absorbs immense energy from the Earth’s yellow sun, enabling him to run at incredible speeds, and endowing him with super strength, invulnerability (his only weaknesses are green kryptonite radiation, and magic, and blue kryptonite), ultra-acute hearing, immense lung capacity, and a range of vision including X-ray vision (he can see through anything except lead) and heat beam vision. While emerging as Kai-El, he was able to fly, but as regular Clark, he is "still working on it."

First appearance: Action Comics #1 (1938)