Matt Stone

voiced Gerald Broflovski in South Park

Gerald is Kyle's father. He is a successful lawyer in South Park - perhaps the town's only one. He is happily married to Sheila, though she is much bossier and more strong-willed than he is, and seems to be a good, caring father to Kyle and Ike. Gerald has shared a homosexual encounter with Randy in a hot tub, and once had a drug addiction. He is rarely seen without his yarmulke.
voiced Kenny McKormick in South Park

Kenny McKormick is the poor, perverted, foul-mouthed boy in the orange parka. His voice is usually muffled by the parka so his words are often unclear. Kenny knows a lot more about sex and other adult issues than the other boys. He is also the unluckiest of the group, repeatedly getting killed only to come back in the next episode, though he was once dead for a whole season. After he came back, he stopped dying in every episode. Kenny's family is poor, and consists of his father, his mother, his older brother Kevin, and his little sister.

Kenny-centric episodes include:
voiced Kyle Broflovski in South Park

Kyle Broflovski is one of the few Jewish kids in his town. He usually wears an orange jacket and a bright green ear-flapped cap. Like Stan, Kyle is often the voice of reason and is occasionally the leader of the group. Kyle is perhaps the smartest, the most morally sound, and most cautious of the boys. He often gets teased by Cartman for being Jewish. He lives with his father Gerald, his mother Shelia, and an adopted Canadian younger brother, Ike.

Kyle-centric episodes include:
voiced Leopold "Butters" Stotch in South Park

Butters started out as a background character called "Swanson." His first line on the show was in "Clubhouses" in Season 2. Not until "Two Naked Guys in a Hot Tub" (Season 3) did he get the name "Butters." In Season 4, he started to become more of a major character, sometimes replacing one of the main boys when they were gone. Butters is one of a few characters in South Park who rarely cusses. He's also one of the nicest kids in his school. However, even Butters has a dark side when he transforms into his alter ego, Professor Chaos. He usually transforms when he wants revenge on the other boys for not being nice to him.

Butters-centric episodes include:
voiced Tweek in South Park

Tweek is another one of the boys' classmates. He was first shown and introduced in the Season 2 episode, "Gnomes," where he continually witnessed small creatures steal his underwear. He was also featured several times in Season 6 as one of Kenny's replacements. Tweek is always nervous and scared of everything. He shakes a lot, though that may be due to the large quantities of coffee his parents serve him.

Tweek-centric episodes include: