Andy Kaufman

Andy's style of entertainment is now known as "performance art."
Andy was once a contestant on the Dating Game (1965).
Andy was diagnosed with a rare, large-cell, carcinoma lung cancer on December 11, 1983.
Andy's granddaughter, Brittany Colonna, who played Andy's younger sister as a child in Man On the Moon (1999).
Despite having his neck broken by Jerry Lawler's Piledriver, Andy still won the wrestling match they had (the Piledriver was illegal where they were wrestling, so Lawler had gotten disqualified, giving Kaufman the win).
Andy shared the same birthday with Jim Carrey, who plays him in the film Man on the Moon (1999).
Andy lip-synched the Mighty Mouse theme on the first episode of Saturday Night Live (1975).
Andy and Jerry Lawler's famous feud, including their infamous Late Night with David Letterman (1982) appearence, was all later confirmed as a setup and not real as many believed.
Many people doubted Andy's death, thinking it was just another gag.
Although he died of lung cancer, Andy was very healthy. Andy had never smoked, did not drink regularly, and was a vegetarian.
The Museum of TV and Radio presented 90-minute film of Kaufman highlights to honor Andy posthumously in New York and L.A. in October, 1999.
Andy was renowned for bizarre stunts that were part of his stage performances, such as the time he took his entire Carnegie Hall audience out for milk and cookies, via 35 waiting buses.
Andy was interred at Beth David Cemetery, Elmont (Long Island), New York, USA.
Although many people believe so, and while he did do impersonations of him, Andy and Tony Clifton are not the same person.
R.E.M. wrote a song about Andy for their 1992 album Automatic for the People called "Man on the Moon."
Of all Elvis impersonators, Andy was the REAL Elvis' favourite.
Andy's daughter Maria was put up for adoption, but later reunited with his family, after tracing her biological parents in 1992.
Andy's daughter, Maria Colonna, was born when Andy was 20, and his girlfriend was 17.
Saturday Night Live (1975) viewers voted Andy off the show forever in a call-in poll in 1982.
Andy attended Boston's Grahm Junior College.
Andy graduated from Great Neck North High School in 1967.
Taxi (1978) co-star Jeff Conaway decked Andy after the 1979 Golden Globes, when he insulted his co-stars.
Andy was 6' (1.83 m) tall.