Karl Howman

played Mulberry in Mulberry

Warning: this character guide contains spoilers.

From all outward appearances, Mulberry is a vibrant and optimistic person who is always grabbing every chance to enjoy all that life offers. The reality, however, is that he is the son of death. As an apprentice reaper, his first 'case' is the eccentric spinster, Miss Rose Farnaby. Mulberry, unaccustomed to his duty, is empathetic to Rose and instead of escorting her to the afterlife, remains in the present as her manservant. Perturbing his father even more, he takes it upon himself to cast aside his original objective in lieu of a self-prescribed one, namely, freeing the spirit of Miss Farnaby. He is bound and determined to release her from her dreary lifestyle and instead bring to it a feeling of untethered excitement.

You may consider a zest for life contrary to the characteristics of the son of death, but there is a reason for that. Although his father his death, his mother is the essence of life: Springtime. This mixture creates a dual nature in Mulberry as exhibited by his attire: black from head to foot except for a series of colourfully flamboyant waistcoats. Indeed, for the most part, his personality is more influenced by his mother's blood (he only met her as an adult after coming into the house of Miss Farnaby), than by his father's blood and upbringing combined.

As time goes on – and his love for Rose grows – Mulberry finds himself living in abject fear of his father, ever worried that he will do what his son is incapable of. In turn, this fear begins to fester and becomes disdain for his father's 'cruelty'.