Janel Moloney

played Donna Moss [S02-, recurring previously] in The West Wing

Personal Background:
- Born in Warroad, Minnesota
- Was seriously injured in a terrorist attack while in the Gaza Strip and suffered a pulmonary embolism
- Spouse: None, but has been romantically linked to several men including Cliff Calley, a Republican House attorney and had a close personal relationship with Josh Lyman as well as a romantic one as the series came to a close
- Other: Her father is Irish and her mother is Italian
- Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin for two years, dropped out to support her boyfriend
Political Background:
- Volunteer on for the Bartlet presidential campaign, 1998-1999
- Assistant to Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, 1999-2005
- Senior Aide to Will Bailey, Vice President Bob Russell’s campaign manager, 2005
- Campaign spokesperson for the Santos’ presidential campaign, 2005-2006
- Chief of Staff to First Lady Helen Santos, 2007-present