Anna Friel

played Charlotte "Chuck" Charles in Pushing Daisies

Chuck was Ned's childhood crush. They played once as children, a date that Ned has never forgotten. After her father's death and her mother's (seeming) abandonment, Chuck was raised in the care of her two eccentric aunts. Since they had retired from the world of synchronized swimming and spent their lives isolated in their house, Chuck had a sheltered upbringing and her best friends were the bees that she raised.

As an adult, Chuck decided to go out and see the world. She signed up for an ocean trip but was murdered. Ned brought her back to life to find her murderer, and couldn’t bring himself to let her die again. As a result, they cannot touch (or she will die again permanently), despite their romantic feelings for each other.

Chuck is an irrepressible romantic at heart, seeing the good in everyone. Thrilled at (literally) having a second chance at life, she chafes at having to remain out of the public sight (since she’s believed to be dead) but basically accepts her new life for what it is. At least until she discovered that Ned was indirectly responsible for her father’s death, it was clear she loved him and as more than a friend.

Despite her innate goodness, Chuck can give as good as she gets if someone comes after her. She’ll often stand up for Ned even when he won’t.