Gerard Butler

In 2005, Gerard was nominated for the Golden Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical for: The Phantom of the Opera (2004).
Gerard's natural hair colour is dark brown.
Gerard was chosen as the most attractive man of 2005 by Hello! Magazine.
Gerard shares his birthday with Steve Zahn, Jimmy Kimmel, and Joe Mantegna.
Gerard has quickly gained a reputation as one of the nicest actors around, as he always takes time to socialize with fans and hangs out with crew members as much as co-stars on film sets.
It was said that Gerard had the "rock and roll" voice that Andrew Lloyd Webber always wanted to play the "Phantom."
Gerard was at one time the lead singer for a Scottish rock band named Speed.
Gerard was a presenter at the 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards with fellow Scotsman Billy Boyd.
It was rumoured that Gerard was possibly going to be picked to replace Pierce Brosnan as the next "James Bond."
Gerard's eyes are actually grey/green in colour but often appear blue on screen.
Gerard did not get to see his father from the age of 2 until he turned 16.
Gerard graduated from Glasgow University with a degree in Law.
While Gerard was filming Mrs. Brown (1997), he saved a young boy from drowning in the river Tay and recieved a "Certificate Of Bravery" from The Royal Humane Society.
On the first day of shooting his film debut in Mrs. Brown (1997) Gerard had to bound naked into a freezing sea, and as a result developed hypothermia.
Gerard suffered injuries due to being poked in the eye with a wooden stake during rehearsals for the play Coriolanus.
Gerard's first movie role was in Mrs. Brown (1997).
Gerard's first stage role was in Coriolanus.
Gerard is Scottish, but is actually of Irish decent.
Gerard was born in Glasgow but raised primarily in Paisley, Scotland.
Gerard is 6' 2" (1.88 m) tall.
Gerard did all his own singing in The Phantom of the Opera.
Gerard admited that he was very nervous when auditioning for Andrew Lloyd Webber for the role of the "Phantom."