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Jacob Young

played JR Chandler in All My Children

-- Babe Chandler (wife, stepsister)
-- Adam Chandler III (son, with Babe Chandler)
-- Dixie Cooney Martin (mother, deceased)
-- Krystal Chandler (stepmother)
-- Adam Chandler (father)
-- Tad Martin (stepfather, longtime father figure)
-- Colby Chandler (half-sister)
-- Hayley Vaughan Santos (half-sister)
-- Skye Quartermaine (adoptive sister)
-- Anna Claire Chandler (half-sister, deceased)
-- Jamie Martin (stepbrother, raised as brother)
-- Kate Martin (half-sister)
-- Bess Cooney (grandmother, deceased)
-- Seabone Hunkle (grandfather)
-- Lila Rae Alcazar (adoptive niece)
-- Lorenzo Santos (nephew)
-- Lottie Chandler (aunt, deceased)
-- Melanie Cortlandt (aunt)
-- Di Henry (aunt)
-- Palmer Cortlandt (great uncle)
-- Scott Chandler (adoptive cousin)
-- Ross Chandler (cousin)
-- Krystal Chandler (mother-in-law)
-- Mateo Santos (brother-in-law)

-- Laurie Lewis
-- Babe Chandler (first wife, second wife, current love interest)
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