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Alan Crosland, Jr.

Mostly Credited As: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Sometimes Credited As: Alan Crosland

Date Of Birth: July 19, 1918 (Age 83)
Country Of Birth: USA
Date Of Death: December 18, 2001

TV Appearances

No TV appearances
Crew Credits

Show Crew

Episode Crew

Chase (1973) (1973) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Hot Beef 01x18 Feb/13/1974 As: Director
Joe Don Ducks 01x14 Jan/16/1974 As: Director
Right To An Attorney 01x13 Jan/08/1974 As: Director
The Winning Ticket is a Loser 01x04 Oct/02/1973 As: Director
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (1971) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Operation: Mr. Felix 01x20 Feb/18/1972 As: Director
Operation: White Fire 01x17 Jan/28/1972 As: Director
Operation: Crystal Springs 01x11 Dec/03/1971 As: Director
Operation: Spread 01x08 Nov/05/1971 As: Director
Adam-12 (1968) (1968) (Credited in 12 episodes from this show) 
The Ferret 04x06 Oct/27/1971 As: Director
Log 173 -- Shoplift 02x26 May/09/1970 As: Director
Log 44 -- Attempted Bribery 02x25 Apr/18/1970 As: Director
Log 134 -- Child Stealer 02x23 Apr/04/1970 As: Director
Log 74 -- Light Duty 02x21 Mar/21/1970 As: Director
Log 94 -- Vengeance 02x19 Mar/07/1970 As: Director
Log 124 -- Airport 02x18 Feb/28/1970 As: Director
Log 64 -- Bottom of the Bottle 02x15 Jan/31/1970 As: Director
Log 14 -- S.W.A.T. 02x14 Jan/24/1970 As: Director
Log 143 -- Cave 02x10 Dec/13/1969 As: Director
Log 71 -- I Feel Like a Fool, Malloy 01x07 Nov/02/1968 As: Director
Log 91 -- You're Not the First Guy's Had the Problem 01x05 Oct/19/1968 As: Director
Garrison's Gorillas (1967) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Ride of Terror 01x21 Jan/30/1968 As: Director
The Wild Wild West (1965) (Credited in 11 episodes from this show) 
The Night of the Headless Woman 03x17 Jan/05/1968 As: Director
The Night of the Cut-throats 03x11 Nov/17/1967 As: Director
The Night Dr. Loveless Died 03x04 Sep/29/1967 As: Director
The Night of the Assassin 03x03 Sep/22/1967 As: Director
The Night of the Deadly Blossom 02x25 Mar/17/1967 As: Director
The Night of the Surreal McCoy 02x23 Mar/03/1967 As: Director
The Night of the Gypsy Peril 02x18 Jan/20/1967 As: Director
The Night of the Skulls 02x13 Dec/16/1966 As: Director
The Night of the Man-Eating House 02x12 Dec/12/1966 As: Director
The Night of the Poisonous Posey 02x07 Oct/28/1966 As: Director
The Night of the Torture Chamber 01x13 Dec/10/1965 As: Director
Hondo (1967) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Hondo and the Hanging Town 01x14 Dec/08/1967 As: Director
T.H.E. Cat (1966) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Design for Death 01x20 Feb/03/1967 As: Director
Marked For Death 01x08 Nov/04/1966 As: Director
The Iron Horse (1966) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Welcome for the General 01x17 Jan/02/1967 As: Director
Bonanza (1959) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Four Sisters from Boston 08x08 Oct/30/1966 As: Director
The Virginian (1962) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Outcast 05x07 Oct/26/1966 As: Director
A Father for Toby 03x08 Nov/04/1964 As: Director
The Money Cage 01x23 Mar/06/1963 As: Director
Twelve O'Clock High (1964) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Day of Reckoning 02x28 Mar/28/1966 As: Director
Cross-Hairs on Death 02x27 Mar/21/1966 As: Director
The Survivor 02x23 Feb/21/1966 As: Director
Combat! (1962) (Credited in 8 episodes from this show) 
The Flying Machine 04x24 Feb/22/1966 As: Director
Ask Me No Questions 04x22 Feb/08/1966 As: Director
Counterplay 04x20 Jan/25/1966 As: Director
Luck with Rainbows 04x13 Dec/07/1965 As: Director
9 Place Vendee 04x09 Nov/09/1965 As: Director
Crossfire 04x08 Nov/02/1965 As: Director
Odyssey 03x31 Apr/20/1965 As: Director
The Long Walk 03x13 Dec/15/1964 As: Director
Ben Casey (1961) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Fun and Games and Other Tragic Things 05x20 Jan/31/1966 As: Director
The Importance of Being 65937 05x10 Nov/15/1965 As: Director
Because of the Needle, the Haystack was Lost 05x05 Oct/11/1965 As: Director
A Horse Named Stravinsky 04x31 May/17/1965 As: Director
Journeys End in Lovers Meeting 04x27 Apr/19/1965 As: Director
Rawhide (1959) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Escort to Doom 08x05 Oct/12/1965 As: Director
Gilligan's Island (1964) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
So Sorry, My Island Now 01x15 Jan/09/1965 As: Director
The Reporter (1964) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Man Behind the Badge 01x07 Nov/06/1964 As: Director
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Turn Back the Clock 01x07 Oct/26/1964 As: Director
The Outer Limits (1963) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
The Mutant 01x25 Mar/16/1964 As: Director
The Mice 01x15 Jan/06/1964 As: Director
The Eleventh Hour (US) (1962) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
The Only Remaining Copy is in the British Museum 02x20 Feb/12/1964 As: Director
Who Chopped Down the Cherry Tree? 02x18 Jan/29/1964 As: Director
The Bronze Locust 02x06 Nov/06/1963 As: Director
Oh, You Shouldn't Have Done It 02x05 Oct/30/1963 As: Director
Arrest and Trial (1963) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
People in Glass Houses 01x20 Feb/09/1964 As: Director
The Twilight Zone (1959) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Ring-A-Ding Girl 05x13 Dec/27/1963 As: Director
The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms 05x10 Dec/06/1963 As: Director
The Old Man in the Cave 05x07 Nov/08/1963 As: Director
The Parallel 04x11 Mar/14/1963 As: Director
Redigo (1963) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Boy from Rio Bravo 01x03 Oct/08/1963 As: Director
General Electric True (1962) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Black Market 01x28 Apr/21/1963 As: Director
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans 01x28 Apr/19/1963 As: Director
House Guest 01x08 Nov/08/1962 As: Director
Night of the Owl 01x03 Oct/04/1962 As: Director
Going My Way (1962) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Florence, Come Home 01x28 Apr/10/1963 As: Director
A Memorial for Finnegan 01x16 Jan/16/1963 As: Director
The Wide Country (1962) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
A Devil in the Chute 01x08 Nov/08/1962 As: Director
The Royce Bennett Story 01x01 Sep/20/1962 As: Director
Alcoa Premiere (1961) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Mr. Lucifer 02x05 Nov/01/1962 As: Director
Of This Time, Of This Place 01x18 Mar/06/1962 As: Director
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) (1955) (Credited in 16 episodes from this show) 
The Big Kick 07x37 Jun/19/1962 As: Director
Apex 07x24 Mar/20/1962 As: Director
The Woman Who Wanted to Live 07x18 Feb/06/1962 As: Director
The Case of M.J.H. 07x16 Jan/23/1962 As: Director
The Right Kind of Medicine 07x11 Dec/19/1961 As: Director
Beta Delta Gamma 07x06 Nov/14/1961 As: Director
Keep Me Company 07x05 Nov/07/1961 As: Director
The Hatbox 07x01 Oct/10/1961 As: Director
Servant Problem 06x34 Jun/06/1961 As: Director
The Gloating Place 06x31 May/16/1961 As: Director
Gratitude 06x28 Apr/25/1961 As: Director
Deathmate 06x27 Apr/18/1961 As: Director
The Kiss-Off 06x21 Mar/07/1961 As: Director
The Man Who Found the Money 06x13 Dec/27/1960 As: Director
The Money 06x09 Nov/29/1960 As: Director
I Can Take Care of Myself 05x31 May/15/1960 As: Director
Cain's Hundred (1961) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Take a Number 01x15 Jan/09/1962 As: Director
Checkmate (1960) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Nice Guys Finish Last 02x10 Dec/13/1961 As: Director
87th Precinct (1961) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
'Till Death 01x12 Dec/11/1961 As: Director
Occupation, Citizen 01x06 Oct/30/1961 As: Director
Lady in Waiting 01x02 Oct/02/1961 As: Director
Peter Gunn (1958) (Credited in 18 episodes from this show) 
Voodoo 03x36 Jun/19/1961 As: Director
Cry Love, Cry Murder 03x25 Mar/27/1961 As: Director
Portrait in Leather 03x23 Mar/13/1961 As: Director
I Know It's Murder 03x19 Feb/13/1961 As: Director
Jacoby's Vacation 03x16 Jan/16/1961 As: Director
Sepi 03x12 Dec/19/1960 As: Director
Death Across the Board 03x07 Nov/14/1960 As: Director
The Judgment 03x05 Oct/31/1960 As: Director
The Maitre D' 03x03 Oct/17/1960 As: Director
Mask of Murder 03x02 Oct/10/1960 As: Director
The Passenger 03x01 Oct/03/1960 As: Director
The Crossbow 02x36 Jun/06/1960 As: Director
The Best Laid Plans 02x32 May/09/1960 As: Director
Death Watch 02x30 Apr/25/1960 As: Director
The Long, Long Ride 02x24 Mar/14/1960 As: Director
Hollywood Calling 02x22 Feb/29/1960 As: Director
See No Evil 02x19 Feb/01/1960 As: Director
Hot Money 02x15 Jan/04/1960 As: Director
Dante (1960) (Credited in 8 episodes from this show) 
Around a Dark Corner 01x26 Apr/10/1961 As: Director
Friendly Assassin 01x24 Mar/27/1961 As: Director
Hunter with a Badge 01x23 Mar/20/1961 As: Director
Not as a Canary 01x20 Feb/27/1961 As: Director
Aces and Eights 01x18 Feb/13/1961 As: Director
Dante Rides Again 01x16 Jan/30/1961 As: Director
The Devil to Pay 01x15 Jan/23/1961 As: Director
Dial 'D' for Dante 01x14 Jan/16/1961 As: Director
Gunsmoke (1955) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
About Chester 06x23 Feb/25/1961 As: Director
Bat Masterson (1958) (Credited in 22 episodes from this show) 
High Card Loses 03x07 Nov/10/1960 As: Director
Barbary Castle 02x37 Jun/30/1960 As: Director
Blood on the Money 02x36 Jun/23/1960 As: Director
The Elusive Baguette 02x34 Jun/02/1960 As: Director
Gold is Where You Steal It 02x32 May/19/1960 As: Director
Masterson's Arcadia Club 02x29 Apr/28/1960 As: Director
Come Out Fighting 02x26 Apr/07/1960 As: Director
Three Bullets for Bat 02x24 Mar/24/1960 As: Director
Death by the Half Dozen 02x17 Feb/04/1960 As: Director
Pigeon and Hawk 02x15 Jan/21/1960 As: Director
The Pied Piper of Dodge City 02x13 Jan/07/1960 As: Director
Death and Taxes 02x08 Nov/26/1959 As: Director
Shakedown at St. Joe 02x04 Oct/29/1959 As: Director
No Funeral for Thorn 02x03 Oct/22/1959 As: Director
The Black Pearls 01x34 Jul/01/1959 As: Director
The Conspiracy (Part 2) 01x33 Jun/24/1959 As: Director
The Conspiracy (Part 1) 01x32 Jun/17/1959 As: Director
The Death of Bat Masterson 01x29 May/20/1959 As: Director
Man of Action 01x26 Apr/22/1959 As: Director
Brunette Bombshell 01x24 Apr/01/1959 As: Director
Incident in Leadville 01x22 Mar/18/1959 As: Director
Battle of the Pass 01x20 Feb/25/1959 As: Director
Lock-Up (1959) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Blood Red Ruby 01x39 Jun/18/1960 As: Director
Men into Space (1959) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Voice of Infinity 01x28 Apr/20/1960 As: Director
Dateline: Moon 01x19 Feb/10/1960 As: Director
Mr. Lucky (1959) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
The Gladiators 01x20 Mar/05/1960 As: Director
The Leadville Kid Gang 01x14 Jan/23/1960 As: Director
Tombstone Territory (1957) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Noose That Broke 03x12 Dec/25/1959 As: Director
The Man and the Challenge (1959) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Breaking Point 01x11 Nov/28/1959 As: Director
Colt .45 (1957) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Law West of the Pecos 02x10 Jun/07/1959 As: Director
Sign in the Sand 01x12 Jan/03/1958 As: Director
The Gypsies 01x11 Dec/27/1957 As: Director
Bronco (1958) (Credited in 6 episodes from this show) 
Shadow of a Man 01x18 May/19/1959 As: Director
Prairie Skipper 01x17 May/05/1959 As: Director
Trail to Taos 01x06 Dec/02/1958 As: Director
Four Guns and a Prayer 01x04 Nov/04/1958 As: Director
The Turning Point 01x03 Oct/21/1958 As: Director
The Besieged 01x01 Sep/23/1958 As: Director
Lawman (1958) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Riding Shotgun 01x29 Apr/19/1959 As: Director
Lady in Question 01x12 Dec/21/1958 As: Director
Northwest Passage (1958) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Stab In The Back 01x23 Feb/20/1959 As: Director
The Fourth Brother 01x20 Jan/30/1959 As: Director
Vengeance Trail 01x14 Dec/21/1958 As: Director
77 Sunset Strip (1958) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Not an Enemy in the World 01x14 Jan/09/1959 As: Director
Cheyenne (1955) (1955) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
The Empty Gun 03x12 Feb/25/1958 As: Director
Renegades 03x11 Feb/11/1958 As: Director
Maverick (1957) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Trail West to Fury 01x21 Feb/16/1958 As: Director
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (1955) (Credited in 11 episodes from this show) 
Escape to the North 03x16 Feb/06/1958 As: Director
Blind Justice 02x19 Jan/17/1957 As: Director
Scourge of the Wilderness 02x18 Jan/11/1957 As: Director
The Williwaw 02x15 Dec/20/1956 As: Director
The Tobacco Smugglers 02x12 Nov/29/1956 As: Director
Luck of the Trail 02x10 Nov/15/1956 As: Director
Lost Patrol 02x06 Oct/18/1956 As: Director
Revenge 02x04 Oct/04/1956 As: Director
The Fancy Dan 01x28 Apr/05/1956 As: Director
The Cache 01x25 Mar/15/1956 As: Director
Phantom of Phoenixville 01x18 Jan/26/1956 As: Director
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