Susan Lucci

played Erica Kane in All My Children

-- Jackson Montgomery (husband)
-- Kendall Hart (daughter, by means of rape, with Richard Fields)
-- Bianca Montgomery (daughter, with Travis Montgomery)
-- Josh Madden (son, with Jeff Martin)
-- Greenlee du Pres (stepdaughter)
-- Reggie Montgomery (stepson)
-- Lily Montgomery (stepdaughter)
-- Mona Kane Tyler (mother, deceased)
-- Eric Kane (father, deceased)
-- Silver Kane (half-sister, deceased)
-- Mark Dalton (half-brother)
-- Julie Rand (niece)
-- Zach Slater (son-in-law)
-- Ellen Dalton (sister-in-law)

-- Chuck Tyler
-- Jeff Martin (first husband, divorced, current love interest)
-- Jason Maxwell
-- Phil Brent (second husband, divorced)
-- Lincoln Tyler
-- Nick Davis
-- Tom Cudahy (third husband, divorced)
-- Brandon Kingsley
-- Kent Bogard
-- Adam Chandler (fourth and seventh husband, divorced)
-- Mike Roy (invalid marriage)
-- Jeremy Hunter
-- Travis Montgomery (fifth and sixth husband, divorced)
-- Steven Andrew
-- Charlie Brent
-- Dimitri Marick (eigth and ninth husband, divorced)
-- David Hayward
-- Chris Stamp
-- Jackson Montgomery (tenth husband, current love interest)

Erica Kane, Pine Valley's most infamous diva, was abandoned by her father, Eric Kane, at a young age. Although she was lovingly raised by her mother, Mona Kane, her desertion by her father has always given her a sense of insecurity that she hasn't been able to shake.

All My Children first showed Erica Kane in high school, dating a boy named Chuck Tyler. However, Erica had her sights set on another boy - Phil Brent. Determined to have Phil for herself, Erica tried every way that she could to break up Phil and his sweetheart, Tara Martin. However, all her attempts proved futile, as Phil and Tara remained committed to one another no matter what. However, Erica soon found herself eavesdropping on a conversation that Mona was having with her best friend, Nick Davis. From the conversation, Erica learned that Nick and a woman named Amy Tyler, were Phil's actual parents. Believing Phil had the right to know, she told him the secret. Although her intended result, Phil and Tara breaking up, was achieved, Erica's revelation also resulted in the diminishing of any chance that she had at a relationship with Phil. Tara's brother, Jeff Martin, was there to comfort Erica when she was rejected by Phil, and when Erica learned that Jeff was a doctor, she set her sights on him.

Erica and Jeff eventually ended up eloping, but Erica soon found that being a doctor's wife wasn't all she'd thought it to be. Because Jeff was a first-year resident, he wasn't exactly living the good life. This distanced the pair, but Erica did feel strong jealousy when Jeff began to get close with his co-worker, Mary Kennicott. Unsatisfied, Erica was hired at Anne Tyler's Boutique, and eventually began going on shopping sprees to New York City.

While on a trip to NYC, Erica met modeling agent Jason Maxwell, a man who, intrigued by Erica's looks, promised her that he would make her America's next top model. Erica and Jason began flirting, and Erica eventually began doing modeling assignments for Jason. Although Jeff was unhappy with his wife's career, he dutifully tried to accept it. Erica eventually realized that she was pregnant with Jeff's child. Fearful that a pregnancy would ruin her modeling career, Erica kept her pregancy from Jeff and had an abortion. Afterwards, Dr. Joe Martin diagnosed Erica with a post-abortion infection, and Jeff learned the truth. Although furious at first, he eventually found a way to forgive Erica.

As Erica and Jason's relationsip continued, the two soon found themselves in an affair. Although she still found herself still jealous of Mary, she found herself unsatisfied and eager to find a way out of her marriage with Jeff, and the two had a divorce. Mona warned Erica that she her relationship with Jason was a bad idea, but Erica ignored Mona's concerns. In order to prevent her relationship with Jason from getting stale, Erica lied and told Jason that Jeff was jealous of their relationship. Jason came to Pine Valley to settle things with Jeff, but to the shock of everyone, later turned up dead. Due to the fact that Jeff was a prime suspect in the case, Erica's modeling career was ruined. Mona was eventually revealed as Jason's killer, in self-defense, though she had mentally blocked the incident out.