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Brandon Call

Brandon's nickname is "Bodi".
Garnered two Young Artist Awards for the role of Brandon Capwell in "Santa Barbara."
After the series finale of "Step By Step," he retired from acting to work at his father's gas station and spend time with his wife and daughter.
When the hit TV show "Baywatch" was picked up for syndication, Brandon was dismissed from the show. This was due to having grown almost as tall and muscular as star David Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff, who became a producer on the show as well as starring on it, wanted to let Hobie Buchannon remain a young boy for a while. Accordingly, Call was replaced by Jeremy Jackson, who was three years younger and dark-haired instead of blond--and supposedly had a much better singing voice than Brandon's. Brandon went on to appear on ABC's "Step By Step."
He was originally going to star as Kevin Arnold on "The Wonder Years," but then they decided to go with the more charismatic Fred Savage.