Jamie Lynn Spears

She has the same birthday as Alexa Nikolas, who is her co star on Zoey 101.
Is friends with Emma Roberts.
Her mother is called Lynne and her father is called Jamie.
She collects porcelain dolls.
Her favorite shoes are Puma, Birkenstock, and flip-flops.
Her mother works as a grade school teacher and her father works as a building contractor.
Is the sister of Bryan Spears and Britney Spears.
Likes the color green.
She has many dogs including three rottweilers, a teacup poodle, a german shepherd, two shizu terriers, a brown maltese dog and a few guard dogs.
Her star sign is Aries.
Her eyes are brown.
Jamie Lynn Spears loves animals.
Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't watch a lot of TV.
Jamie Lynn Spears likes hockey.
Her favorite soda is Cherry Coke.
Favourite Singers are: Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan
Favourite movie is The Ring.
Favourite beauty product is lip gloss
Jamie Lynn was offered a chance to be the little girl dreaming about being Britney at one of Britney's Grammy Performances but Jamie turned it down saying she wasn't ready for that.