Seth Meyers

voiced Prock in The Awesomes

Jeremy is the only known child of Mr. Awesome, the world's premiere superhero and the leader of the Awesomes until his retirement. Mr. Awesome has never had much faith in his son, who only has one super-power and believes that he no longer uses it.

Jeremy, using the superhero name Prock (an amalgamation of Professor + Doctor) is a world-class genius with medical and legal degrees. He is also immune to Dr. Malocchio's mind-control powers, which seems to be a genetic gift since his father has the same resistance.

Jeremy's superpower is the ability to stop time for everyone but himself for 10 relative seconds at a time, allowing himself to move freely. Doctors have said that overuse of his ability can kill him, but Jeremy keeps using it anyway, often for relatively frivolous purposes.

Jeremy gets along well with everyone on his team, and has a not-so-secret crush on Hotwire. He eventually chooses Hotwire over his best friend Muscleman, who leaves the Awesomes and forms his own sueprhero team.

Eventually Prock accepts the overwhelming evidence that Hotwire is a traitor and sets out to defeat her and her father after Malocchio strips all the other superheroes in the world of their powers.