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Vincent Kartheiser

played Connor [S04, recurring in S03 & S05] in Angel

Connor, played by Vincent Kartheiser, first appeared on the show midway through season three. He was the "impossible" baby between Angel and Darla. Angel spent the better part of season three trying to be a good father to the child. The end result was Wesley uncovering a prophecy that said Angel would kill his son. With that prophecy in mind, the child ended up being swept away by one of Angel's enemies to Hell dimension.

Connor returned to the series toward the end of season three as a teenager. The Hell dimension accelerated his age. Connor was out for blood to kill his blood father. Connor, trained by Holtz, was taught to hate Angel. Connor eventually got his wishes by sending Angel to the bottom of the sea. Connor pretended to not know about Angel's disappearance until Angel showed up back at the hotel.

Connor learned to accept Angel as his father with animosity toward him in his heart. As season four progressed with Connor being the father of him and Cordelia's child "Jasmine", we learn what the root of his problem is. Connor reveals as a suicidal maniac that Angel could never give him the life he wanted. Angel was never there for him and failed him as a father. Angel, wanting to fix his pain, changes his memories to have a new family and a new life. Connor disappears from the show until later in season five when he is shown helping Angel at times after having his old memores returned to him.