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Lane Bradford

Mostly Credited As: Lane Bradford
Birth Name: John Myrtland Le Varre Jr.
Date Of Birth: August 29, 1922 (Age 50)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: Yonkers, New York
Date Of Death: June 07, 1973
Cause Of Death: brain hemorrhage
Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)

Lane Bradford

TV Appearances

Episode Cast Credits 

Cannon (1971) 
  Press Pass to the Slammer 02x23: (Mar/14/1973) As Walt Morgan, [Co-Guest Stars]

Search (1972) 
  The Twenty-Four Carat Hit 01x14: (Jan/24/1973) As Bartender 

Hawaii Five-O (1968) (1968) 
  Thanks for the Honeymoon 05x15: (Jan/09/1973) As Manola 
  Odd Man In 04x14: (Dec/28/1971) As Moose Oakley 

Alias Smith and Jones (1971) 
  The Day the Amnesty Came Through 03x08: (Nov/25/1972) As Ellen Anderson 

Gunsmoke (1955) 
  The Wedding 17x24: (Mar/13/1972) As Joe Eggers 
  Lijah 17x09: (Nov/08/1971) As Dump Hart 
  New Doctor in Town 17x05: (Oct/11/1971) As Dump Hart 
  Exodus 21.22 14x26: (Mar/24/1969) As Bradford 

Bonanza (1959) 
  The Grand Swing 13x01: (Sep/19/1971) As Jake Rasko 
  Shadow of a Hero 12x21: (Feb/21/1971) As Willis 
  The Trouble with Trouble 12x07: (Oct/25/1970) As Jack Clanton 
  The Night Virginia City Died 12x01: (Sep/13/1970) As Ira 

Death Valley Days (1952) 
  Talk to Me, Charley 18x20: (Feb/15/1970) As guest star 
  A Simple Question of Justice 18x15: (Jan/12/1970) As guest star 
  The Kid from Hell's Kitchen 15x15: (Oct/20/1966) As Murphy 
  The Blonde King 07x23: (Mar/14/1959) As James Savage 

Land of the Giants (1968) 
  Double-Cross 01x10: (Dec/08/1968) As Lobo 

It Takes a Thief (1968) (1968) 
  The Packager 02x06: (Oct/29/1968) As Anderson, [Co-Guest Stars]

The High Chaparral (1967) 
  The Covey 02x05: (Oct/18/1968) As Roark 
  Best Man for the Job 01x04: (Sep/24/1967) As Gilcher 

Cimarron Strip (1967) 
  The Last Wolf 01x13: (Dec/14/1967) As Brom 

Dragnet (1967) (1967) 
  The Big Frustration 02x06: (Oct/19/1967) As Champ Ridgely 

The Iron Horse (1966) 
  Five Days to Washtiba 02x04: (Oct/07/1967) As Gaines 

Judd for the Defense (1967) 
  Tempest in a Texas Town 01x01: (Sep/08/1967) As Sheriff 

Rango (1967) 
  Shootout at Mesa Flats 01x13: (Apr/07/1967) As Cole Colton 

Laredo (1965) 
  Walk Softly 02x25: (Mar/31/1967) As Lyle 
  Road to San Remo 02x10: (Nov/25/1966) As Charlie Smith 
  The Treasure of San Diablo 01x21: (Feb/17/1966) As Ben Slick 
  Which Way Did They Go? 01x10: (Nov/18/1965) As Amos Slaughter 

Batman (1966) 
  The Bird's Last Jest (2) 02x28: (Dec/08/1966) As Cordy Blue 
  The Penguin's Nest (1) 02x27: (Dec/07/1966) As Cordy Blue 

Lost in Space (1965) 
  West of Mars 02x11: (Nov/30/1966) As Pleiades Pete 

The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (1966) 
  The Paradise Lost Affair 01x10: (Nov/22/1966) As Mr Bruno 

Daniel Boone (1964) (1964) 
  First in War, First in Peace 03x05: (Oct/13/1966) As John Beachum 
  The Price of Friendship 01x19: (Feb/18/1965) As Sam 

A Man Called Shenandoah (1965) 
  Run and Hide 01x22: (Feb/14/1966) As Arch 

Branded (1965) 
  Barbed Wire 02x22: (Feb/13/1966) As Jack Kilgore 

Daktari (1966) 
  The Elephant Thieves 01x01: (Jan/11/1966) As Frank Tabor 

The Virginian (1962) 
  Show Me a Hero 04x09: (Nov/17/1965) As Deke 

The Loner (US) (1965) 
  One of the Wounded 01x05: (Oct/16/1965) As Gibbons 

Kraft Suspense Theatre (1963) 
  Twixt the Cup and the Lip 02x27: (Jun/03/1965) As Sgt. Kubek 

Wagon Train (1957) 
  The Jarbo Pierce Story 08x26: (May/02/1965) As Binns 
  Herman 08x18: (Feb/14/1965) As Biggets 
  Last Circle Up 07x32: (Apr/27/1964) As Kenny Stark 
  The Story of Cain 07x13: (Dec/16/1963) As Sheriff 

Perry Mason (1957) 
  The Case of the Nautical Knot 08x06: (Oct/29/1964) As Rider On Horseback 
  The Case of the Absent Artist 05x23: (Mar/17/1962) As Arnold Buck 

Slattery's People (1964) 
  Question: What Became of the White Tortilla? 01x06: (Oct/26/1964) As Joe Anderson 

The Fugitive (1963) (1963) 
  Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (2) 01x23: (Mar/03/1964) As Anderson 

The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (1963) 
  The Day of the Last Bugle 01x05: (Oct/13/1963) As Sergeant 

Ben Casey (1961) 
  Will Everyone Who Believes in Terry Dunne Please Applaud? 02x24: (Mar/18/1963) As guest star 
  Monument to an Aged Hunter 01x24: (Mar/19/1962) As guest star 

The Dakotas (1963) 
  A Walk Through the Badlands 01x11: (Mar/18/1963) As Sgt. Round 

Laramie (1959) 
  Lost Allegiance 04x06: (Oct/30/1962) As Ross Banister 

Cheyenne (1955) (1955) 
  Indian Gold 07x06: (Oct/29/1962) As O'Connell 
  The Mutton Puncher 03x03: (Oct/22/1957) As Mudcat 
  Mustang Trail 02x06: (Nov/20/1956) As Brock 
  The Last Train West 01x15: (May/29/1956) As O'Neill 

The Untouchables (1959) (1959) 
  The Contract 03x25: (May/31/1962) As Captain Fuller 

Rawhide (1959) 
  The House of the Hunter 04x27: (Apr/20/1962) As George Ash 
  The Inside Man 04x06: (Nov/03/1961) As Baines 
  Incident on the Road Back 03x16: (Feb/24/1961) As Dorn 
  Incident of the Champagne Bottles 02x21: (Mar/18/1960) As Matt Holden 

Lassie (US) (1954) 
  Lassie and the Eagle 08x28: (Mar/25/1962) As Deputy 
  Boy's Day 03x30: (Mar/31/1957) As Robber 

Thriller (US) (1960) 
  The Hollow Watcher 02x20: (Feb/12/1962) As Boles 

Tales of Wells Fargo (1957) 
  Mr. Mute 06x06: (Nov/04/1961) As Hull 
  Fort Massacre 03x20: (Feb/02/1959) As Sgt. Condon 
  Ride with a Killer 02x13: (Dec/02/1957) As Merle Workman 
  Man in the Box 02x10: (Nov/11/1957) As Frank Benson 

Sea Hunt (1958) (1958) 
  Crime at Sea 04x37: (Sep/16/1961) As Capt. Jonathan Moss 
  Niko 04x17: (Apr/29/1961) As Frank Judd 

Coronado 9 (1960) 
  Flee Now, Pay Later 01x35: (May/02/1961) As guest star 

Maverick (1957) 
  The Bold Fenian Men 04x14: (Dec/18/1960) As Sgt. Hanson 
  Last Wire from Stop Gap 04x05: (Oct/16/1960) As Beldon 
  Iron Hand 03x23: (Feb/21/1960) As Red 
  The Saga of Waco Williams 02x21: (Feb/15/1959) As Jack Regan 

The Tall Man (1960) 
  Counterfeit Law 01x10: (Nov/26/1960) As Coleridge 

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955) 
  Johnny Behind the Deuce 06x03: (Oct/11/1960) As Schneider 
  Frontier Surgeon 05x21: (Jan/19/1960) As Swanee 
  Indian Wife 03x13: (Dec/10/1957) As Two Moon 
  The Vultures 02x28: (Mar/19/1957) As Dave Ritchie 

The Rifleman (1958) 
  Woman From Hog Ridge 03x02: (Oct/04/1960) As Martin (Martin Boyle) 

Lawman (1958) 
  The Go-Between 03x02: (Sep/26/1960) As Link Barker 
  The Return 01x32: (May/10/1959) As Roy Blaine 
  The Intruders 01x10: (Dec/07/1958) As Cody 

Tate (1960) 
  Comanche Scalps 01x08: (Aug/10/1960) As William Essey 

Johnny Ringo (1959) 
  Cave-In 01x38: (Jun/30/1960) As Kincaid 

The Texan (1958) 
  Mission to Monterrey 02x39: (Jun/13/1960) As Buck Tanner 
  Killer's Road 02x33: (Apr/25/1960) As Jed Burdette 
  Traildust 02x06: (Oct/19/1959) As guest star 
  The Eyes of Captain Wylie 01x22: (Feb/23/1959) As Spike Taylor 

Bat Masterson (1958) 
  Masterson's Arcadia Club 02x29: (Apr/28/1960) As Rod Bradbury 

Black Saddle (1959) 
  The Return 02x21: (Apr/08/1960) As Marshal Grey 
  Murdock 02x07: (Nov/13/1959) As Marshal Gray 
  Client: Northrup 01x09: (Mar/14/1959) As Cobb 

Zane Grey Theatre (1956) 
  Set-Up 04x22: (Mar/03/1960) As Steve 
  Hang the Heart High 03x15: (Jan/15/1959) As Ben Barrett 
  Day of the Killing 03x14: (Jan/08/1959) As Clem Dobie 

Law of the Plainsman (1959) 
  The Impostor 01x19: (Feb/04/1960) As Frank Jackson 
  Calculated Risk 01x14: (Dec/31/1959) As Newt 

Bourbon Street Beat (1959) 
  Inside Man 01x15: (Jan/11/1960) As Bailey 

Colt .45 (1957) 
  The Devil's Godson 03x03: (Oct/18/1959) As Pete Jessup 

26 Men (1957) 
  The Tiger 02x36: (Jun/09/1959) As Bascomb 
  Scorpion 02x29: (Apr/21/1959) As Haddock 
  Chain Gang 01x29: (May/06/1958) As guest star 
  Destination Nowhere 01x05: (Nov/12/1957) As guest star 

Have Gun, Will Travel (1957) 
  The Long Hunt 02x25: (Mar/07/1959) As Frank Tanner 

Bronco (1958) 
  Payroll of the Dead 01x10: (Jan/27/1959) As Native American Leader 

Mike Hammer (1958) (1958) 
  Baubles, Bangles and Blood 02x06: (Jan/02/1959) As Barney 

Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957) 
  Short Haul 02x13: (Apr/10/1958) As Sal Noonan 

Sugarfoot (1957) 
  Hideout 01x15: (Apr/01/1958) As Farley 
  The Dead Hills 01x13: (Mar/04/1958) As Chris Andrews 
  Quicksilver 01x06: (Nov/16/1957) As Ellis 

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (1955) 
  The Jailbreaker 03x07: (Nov/21/1957) As Bart Larson 
  King of Herschel Island 02x07: (Oct/25/1956) As Jason Bowhead 
  Skagway Secret 01x21: (Feb/16/1956) As Big Ike Bancroft 
  Rebellion in the North 01x02: (Oct/06/1955) As Jason Bowhead 

The Lone Ranger (1949) (1949) 
  Mission for Tonto 05x34: (Jun/02/1957) As Duke Wade 
  Crime in Time 02x06: (Oct/19/1950) As Lige Watkin 
  Legion of Old Timers 01x04: (Oct/06/1949) As Jake 

The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (1954) 
  Stagecoach Sally 03x31: (Apr/19/1957) As Bullets 
  Rin Tin Tin and the Invaders 03x14: (Dec/14/1956) As Chief Tubac 

Annie Oakley (1954) 
  Annie and the Miser 03x31: (Jan/20/1957) As Silent Joe 
  Treasure Map 03x30: (Dec/30/1956) As Hardy Peel 
  Outlaw Brand 03x16: (Sep/16/1956) As Hardy 
  Showdown at Diablo 03x10: (Aug/05/1956) As Luke Dallas 

The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956) 
  Monsieur Francois 01x17: (Dec/28/1956) As Regan 

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1951) 
  Moment of Vengeance 06x01: (Sep/28/1956) As guest star 

Buffalo Bill Jr. (1955) 
  Rough-Shod 02x16: (Sep/21/1956) As Unknown 
  Gun-Talk 02x15: (Sep/14/1956) As Unknown 
  The Six-Gun Symphony 01x15: (May/24/1955) As Unknown 
  First Posse 01x10: (Apr/18/1955) As Unknown 

Adventures of Superman (1952) 
  The Phantom Ring 04x12: (Jun/09/1956) As Al 
  Test of a Warrior 03x06: (May/28/1955) As Indian 
  Jet Ace 02x04: (Oct/10/1953) As Chris White 

The Cisco Kid (1950) 
  Kilts and Sombreros 06x22: (Feb/23/1956) As Outlaw Leader 
  Man with the Reputation 06x17: (Jan/19/1956) As John Mason 
  The Hospital 05x12: (Dec/11/1954) As Blackie 
  The Lowest Bidder 05x06: (Oct/30/1954) As Hayne 

Tales of the Texas Rangers (1955) 
  The Rough, Tough West 01x16: (Dec/10/1955) As Big Jack 
  Blazing Across the Pecos 01x15: (Dec/03/1955) As Asa Brockway 

Judge Roy Bean (1955) 
  The Fugitive 01x12: (1955) As Barr 

Hopalong Cassidy (1952) 
  Twisted Trails 02x04: (Oct/30/1953) As Buckley 
  The Trap 01x03: (Sep/26/1952) As Tom Stacy 

The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1951) 
  The Rock Springs Rustlers 01x02: (Apr/22/1951) As Bob McCanles 

State Trooper (1956) 
  What's Mine is Mine 03x09: (Unknown) As Joe Hooker 

Ripcord (1961) 
  Infiltration 02x05: (Unknown) As MacQuarrie 
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